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Memories of the past Pats/Ravens playoff games have some fans losing sleep

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Correspondent download (12)It’s Ok, you can admit it Patriots Nation, you are a little ascared of the team that is coming to town to face the Pats in the Divisional Round of the playoffs this Saturday.  The Baltimore Ravens strike more fear in the hearts of Patriots fans than any of the other AFC...
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Q: This is a follow-up to a question Bill Belichick was asked about penalties. Based on the way you teach defensive concepts, Devin McCourty was telling me that you live on the edge sometimes defensively. There are some penalties that you accept and the majority of penalties you don't. What is your view on the way you teach technique and the way penalties are called? [caption...
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Q: What are your thoughts on the competition the last six years against Rex Ryan and his teams? BB: We have a lot of respect for the Jets. They're a good football team. We had a real competitive game with them earlier in the year. I'm not really that concerned about what happened five, 10, 15 years ago. [I'm] more concerned about this matchup this week....
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With another AFC East title, the Pats are paving their way to another Super Bowl run

By Kevin Flanagan    BSD Correspondent tempAP547374555428--nfl_mezz_1280_1024A wise man once said there are three things that are guaranteed in life; death, taxes and the New England Patriots winning the AFC East. Continuing a theme that has been both positive and negative for the last few weeks, the Patriots defense and special teams provided the time and plays needed to...
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