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Patriots reward true believers

images (14)           By Kevin Flanagan BSD Correspondent Forgive me father for I have sinned.  I took thy hooded one's name in vain and I doubted his ability to get his patchwork Patriot squad to this point.  Worse yet, I thought Tom Brady was a mere mortal. I was wrong.  Dead wrong. That's it, I surrender.  No longer will I doubt this...
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On the game... “The margin for error is very small, even (more so) being on the road, playing the team we're playing, the elements, the crowd noise. We're chasing perfection, (trying) to play the best game we can possibly play." "They do a great job in all three phases. Extremely well coached as everybody knows; they're very disciplined, they're a team that's not going to beat itself,...
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Patriotsflyingelvis Q: What was your take on how you thought Shane Vereen preformed last night in his return? Was there any question about his level of fitness? In the past, you've eased other guys back in the lineup. How much did that impact Shane and how he looked? JM: I thought Shane, he performed in his role that...
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