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Brad Stevens pre-game presser

Brad Stevens Game 7: Boston Celtics Pregame Q. Are the young guys nervous at all? BRAD STEVENS: I'm sure. I'm sure there's always butterflies before any game, but like I've said before, I think our guys are really tough-minded, really focused on the task at hand, know we've got a great challenge in front of us, but more than anything, looking forward to the challenge. And I think...
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Brad Stevens pre-game – Cavs Gm-1

Brad Stevens Boston Celtics Pregame Q. Brad, have you decided on your starting lineup yet, and can you tell us what's going on? BRAD STEVENS: Yeah, we're going to start the same group except [Marcus] Morris instead of [Aron] Baynes. Q. Al Horford's post steps have been a bigger and better part of your offense in this Playoffs compared to...
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Kyrie Irving and Brad Stevens meet with the media following an embarrassing loss to the Cavs

Head Coach Brad Stevens and Kyrie Irving Brad Stevens How would you describe what happened out there today? “First of all, I thought we came out, we were ready, we were playing with great pace. I thought our first unit played really well, right out of the gate, and then I thought that they did a great job...
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