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Brady comments on Amendola’s performance ..”Those third downs were huge today “

Q: How important was Danny Amendola for your offense tonight? TB: Yeah, I thought he played incredible. He made a lot of great catches. Those third downs were huge today. We talked about in the bye week of really trying to improve that; go a long way towards helping us win. We did a pretty good job...
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Belichick press conference following win over Titans

BILL BELICHICK Belichick pictureBB: Well again, always good to win. Twelve wins, that's on the right track here. We did some good things today. We got contributions from all three units - a couple of big plays in the kicking game, couple big plays on defense, turnovers obviously and a score on defense, and made...
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Josh McDaniels press conference: Titans

joshQ: How has Brandon Bolden grown as a running back in this offense? JM: Brandon's a talented guy. He's had a lot of different situations come up during the course of his career here whether through injury or otherwise. He's really done a nice job for us coming in and filling in and he's gone...
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