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Belichick talks Parcells, Dolphins

patriots logo 2Q: What did you take from your experience coaching under Bill Parcells? BB: Quite a bit. Bill and I were together for a long time. I think Bill has got a lot of strengths. One of them would be the big picture. Q: When you say the big picture, what do you mean? BB: Just the big...
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Talk of Belichick holding something back in Green Bay is just plain dumb

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Correspondent 113014patsnl48In what one can only hope was a column written with his tongue firmly implanted in his cheek,’s Eric Wilbur contends that Patriots coach Bill Belichick refused to show his hand to head coach Mike McCarthy’s Green Bay Packers, instead he opted to take a loss instead of divulging his secrets...
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  JULIAN EDELMAN, WIDE RECEIVER Q: Tom got popped again pretty good today but he hung in there and he hung in there and he kept finding you guys out there. Does he kind of lead that toughness that way? A: Definitely. He's our leader. Everyone's looking at 12 and he knows that and he always puts on the right face and you kind of look at him...
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BB: Well, we're doing the same; it's rolling along here. We have a lot to get ready for with Minnesota – new team, new staff, players we're not familiar with. [We] need to spend a lot of extra time to get familiar with them. Of course we know [Offensive Coordinator] Norv [Turner] and [Head Coach] Mike [Zimmer] and [Special Teams Consultant] Joe Marciano and those...
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