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Hypocrisy, thy name is New England Patriots

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Senior Staff Writer It has long been the most common of foibles of sports fans – especially in the last century in which those who have been blessed with athletic skills are set apart from the rest of us who could only play the games we grew up loving at the most rudimentary level – that we somehow elevate the most physically gifted...
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Next up for Patriots….a visit to Buffalo

By Jordan Moore BSD Correspondent 
FOXBOROUGH- Despite numerous injury concerns from this past weekend, the New England Patriots had a full squad at practice on Wednesday afternoon and seem to be ready for an undefeated Buffalo team come Sunday.
During their practice on Wednesday, the Patriots had full participation which included some players that were beat up...
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Belichick’s need to belittle his opponents is frankly embarrassing

Kevin Flanagan BSD Senior Staff Writer Let’s face it, anyone who argues against Bill Belichick being the best coach in the history of the NFL and Tom Brady being the greatest quarterback of all-time is either ignorant or delusional.  After opening the season 2-0 with a staggering 73 points score and only 3 surrendered – against two teams that have combined for a -124 point differential in the...
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The Antonio Brown signing once again debunks the myth of the “Patriot Way” even if New England fans won’t admit it

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Senior Staff Writer Pure Belichickian. Following the Patriots signing of Antonio Brown – the self-absorbed diva who the term d-bag only scratches the surface of describing a guy who just took TNT to two NFL franchises in less than a calendar year – the exultation that many of the sycophants who can find nothing but praise for an organization that likes to think of...
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