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Josh McDaniel conference call: Eagles

PATRIOTS OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR JOSH MCDANIELS [caption id="attachment_16383" align="alignleft" width="225"]Patriots are on to Philly Patriots are on to Philly[/caption] Q: Why do you think the Patriots struggled on third down on Sunday? What do you think of Scott Chandler right now? Will his role change? How? JM: The third downs, first of all, credit Denver. They're a very good defense on...
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Belichick…”We made plays again in all three phases of the game.”

BILL BELICHICK, HEAD COACH nfllogo3BB: I thought that was a good win for our team today. We obviously had to grind it out and had a lot of guys step up maybe that hadn't played as much that had to step in and play, played well and did a good job of being ready to go. We...
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Redskins coach Jay Gruden talks Patriots

HEAD COACH JAY GRUDEN nfllogo3On being in contention at the halfway mark: "That's the intent. We have a long way to go obviously, but there's no question we'd much rather be where the Patriots are at 7-0. We are where we are and we're working to get better and improve this team every day. We've got a heck...
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