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Cora’s rehire is just the latest move to pacify the pink hats

By Kevin Flanagan

"There's a sucker born every minute," is a quote that is often attributed to P.T. Barnum, he of the world-famous and now-defunct Barnum and Bailey Circus.  

And one only needs to look towards Tuesday's dog and pony show conducted at Fenway Park to confirm that the convicted cheater Alex Cora will be back to...

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Even Cora’s return won’t reverse the rapid descent to becoming irrelevant for the Red Sox

By Kevin Flanagan

Call me Captain Obvious, but 2020 has been a year that we would all like to forget but most certainly won't be able to. Terms like self-isolation, social distancing, and the most insidious of them all -the new normal - are so deeply burned into our memory that they are impossible to purge.  

The Red Sox are a red hot mess with spring training just a couple weeks away

By Kevin Flanagan

BSD Senior Staff Writer

The once glowing embers of the hot stove that used to serve as fuel to get Red Sox fans through the dark and dank New England winters have now become a hot, steaming mess as the franchise that calls Fenway Park home heads into spring training as baseball’s version of the headless horseman.

Less than a year after their most successful season the Red Sox road to nowhere continues its rapid decent

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Senior Staff Writer As the Astros and the Yankees – the two teams the Red Sox pummeled on their way to dismantling the Dodgers in the World Series just a year ago – prepare for Game 6 of the ALCS in Houston on Saturday night, the club that calls Fenway Park home continues to resemble the headless horseman as Halloween rapidly approaches. Over a...
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