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Summing up Brian Hoyer press conference …..Tom Brady is ok….

Summing up Brian Hoyer press conference …..Tom Brady is ok….

Q: How did Tom look out there today?
Brian Hoyer: “Great.”

Q: Did you have any more snaps than usual?
BH: “Define what is usual. Since I have been here there’s been days where I have taken a lot of reps and there have been days where I haven’t taken any. I just do what is asked of me. However many reps that is — whether it is just the scout team, whether it’s a few plays on offense — whatever they tell me do.”

Q: Since Tom was limited, we would assume you would have taken more snaps…
BH: “I don’t know. It just depends what would be more. Some days would be more, some days is less. It’s just a matter of what day it is, really.”

Q: Was today more or less?
BH: “I don’t know. You’d have to check the injury report, I don’t know if they put that on there or not.”

Q: What’s the nature of the backup quarterback position and how do you feel right now about this week?
BH: “Look, I prepare every week whether I am going to play. Whether I do or I don’t, that is not really up to me. I think the one thing that I can benefit from is since I was here as a backup the last time, I have played a lot of football. I have been a starter with three different teams. I know how to prepare as a starter. Whether I am getting those reps or not, each rep that I am not getting, I am taking as a mental rep. I stand back there and I try and think where would I go with the football, who would I make the Mike on this play? Whether I am getting the reps or not, I am always preparing to play because the reality is you never know when your name is going to be called. I think if anything, having been a backup and been a starter, now being in the backup role, I know how to prepare like I am going to play. And if I don’t play that is good for the team. If I do, I am ready to go.”

Q: Did you see how Tom injured his hand?
BH: “I wasn’t there.”

Q: Have you ever jammed your hand?
BH: “I am sure it’s happened before.”

Q: Has Brady proven to be a tough player over the years?
BH: “To my knowledge, yeah.”

Q: Watching Brady practice with gloves on his hands..
BH: “Yeah, that is how I started. I never had done it before and then when I got up here, he always said when it gets cold and dry out, it’s nice to have some extra tact. I have experimented with putting it on my throwing hand, too. It’s a matter of feel and how you feel with it. It’s always good to practice with it because you never know when you’re going to need it. You never know what the weather is going to be.”

Q: Did Brady seem comfortable wearing it?
BH: “You’d have to ask him that.”

Q: Did Tom throw any today?
BH: “I don’t know. You’d have to ask somebody else that question. I am not going to answer that.”

Q: How would you describe Tom’s mood?
BH: “I am not going to speak for him.”

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