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Stidham might just suffer the most when it comes to Belichick’s stubbornness towards Brady

Stidham might just suffer the most when it comes to Belichick’s stubbornness towards Brady

By Kevin Flanagan

BSD Senior Staff Writer

Let’s face it, in the grand scheme of things – given the grotesquely gut-wrenching times we are all currently experiencing – the fact that an aging, iconic athlete has decided to move on to another city after two decades of never to be seen again dominance, maybe should not exactly be considered front-page news.

However, given the undeniable truth surrounding the fact that sports offer an escape to hundreds of millions around the globe, the announcement that six-time Super Bowl Champion and nine-time participant in the biggest game perhaps on the planet is pulling up his rapidly aging roots to start all over again with another team is just that.

When the greatest quarterback in the history of the National Football League – now-former New England Patriots signal-caller Tom Brady – posted on Instagram that he would no longer be calling Gillette Stadium home beginning next season, the most pretentious fanbase in all of football felt what it is like for the other 31 teams around the league.

And that is perpetual uncertainty.

That might just be the aptest – and soberingly correct- analogy that can be used when comparing the candy store of professional sports and the painful stretch that is potentially facing all of us these days. 

Nevertheless, as the cleft-chinned QB takes his fading talents to presumably Tampa Bay and the Buccaneers, perhaps the one current member of the once perennial favorites to bring home the Lombardi Trophy for the last 20 years is a guy that 90% of even the most devote pandering Pats fans could pick out of a police lineup if their lives depended on it.

Second-year quarterback and the fourth-round draft pick in the 2019 NFL Draft by New England, Jarrett Stidham.

The Baylor/Auburn product that has a whopping four passing attempts – which included two completions for 14 yards, one interception and a minuscule QB rating of 18.8 – is now the odds-on favorite to start the season under center for the hallowed head coach Bill Belichick next fall.

No matter how The Hooded One alters his sideline sweatshirt next September, that is entirely underwhelming.

Not to mention unfair to a fledgling pro who will be under an unfair microscope by a Foxboro crowd who will have a hard time coming to grips that their club is just another group of JAGS (and I don’t mean the squad from Jacksonville/London) when reality hits them harder than Mo Lewis hit Drew Bledsoe in September of 2001.

Whether or not Belichick the general manager goes after a stopgap stiff like the Cincinnati Bengals Andy Dalton in order to stem the tide should Stidham – who more likely than not – stumbles, remains yet to be seen.

Even if he does, the seemingly abject arrogance he has shown towards a generational player who cemented his own place in NFL history as perhaps the greatest coach ever could fall upon the shoulders of a 23-year-old kid who never asked to be the guy who followed the greatest of all time.

But, hey, In Bill We Trust, right?

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