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Sons of Levin Drops the Classic Rock Jam of the Summer

This band is bringing warm-weather road tripping goodness to your ears with their newest song “Open Road”. It’s meant to be blared from the loudest car stereo system you have. Windows down, moods up.

Like a blast from the past, Sons of Levin is a classic-rock infused band with elements of ragtime piano and angsty guitar all blended together into a slightly-alcoholic brew. Sip it slowly, and take it all in.

Since everyone has been cooped up for obvious reasons for the last year or so, this summer is brimming with new opportunities for adventure and living life to the fullest again. As a song, “Open Road” seeks to do just that. It’s got catchy rhyme schemes layered up against aesthetic harmonies that hit right on the sweet spot. “Morning kisses taste like coffee breath / for lunch we share your last cigarette” eloquently depict the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle on the road that’s equal parts gritty and romantic. Musically, the guitar purposely imitates the piano riffs, bringing a sense of auditory balance to the mix along with the chordal swells in the pre-choruses.

I loved the concept video that features the band road tripping in their van all the way to the beach, where they eventually party with corn hole games, sparklers, and a cooler full of beverages. It shows the happy-go-lucky attitudes of the band, alongside girlfriends Olivia and Leah, partying alongside their talented boyfriends while just having fun and being goofy. Cheeky moments like taking an impromptu pit stop at the side of the road, and manually rolling the van to the gas station brings notes of realism to the otherwise dream-like state of the concept.

Overall, “Open Road” is a song that feels like a breath of fresh air. “We’re built for romance, baby / we’re built for kicking ass / we’re built to run ’til we run out of gas” sums up the whole message pretty concisely – with a catchy rhyme to boot. Use this song as the soundtrack to what I know is going to be a fantastic summer. Head to the beach with your buddies, and don’t be afraid to let loose. It’s time – we’ve all earned the right to be a little crazy again.

Party this summer with Sons Of Levin – follow them on social media @sonsoflevin for updates on their latest music and gigs.

Watch the music video for “Open Road” HERE.

Stream music by Sons of Levin on Spotify!

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