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SoMo …. Crazy good and full of energy !

SoMo …. Crazy good and full of energy !

By Emily Broe
BSD Music Correspondent

Everyone’s jaws were Falling to the Floor at SoMo’s Fallin Up Tour

The House of Blues was alive Thursday night with the music of Kirko Bangz, Jordan Bratton, and SoMo.

I must have missed the dress code memo, but all of the performers were in agreement that shirts were very unnecessary on stage. It’s hard to admit but I am apparently out of touch with the cool kids nowadays because I was unaware of Bangz’s hit song “Drank In My Cup.” Many of the other songs by Bangz and Jordon Bratton were also unknown to me, but they were fun and full of energy nonetheless.

Kirko Bangz Photo by Emily Broe

Kirko Bangz
Photo by Emily Broe

Maybe it was due to a hope of pushing through everywhere screaming fan in the crowd or maybe because of a misplaced belief that everyone had to fit within 50 feet of the stage, but I promise the main standing area did not look like a fun–or clean–place to be that night.

Luckily no VIPs showed up so the space on the balcony normally reserved was given to me. I had plenty of fresh air and dancing space in the virtually empty balcony directly overlooking the stage.

Jordan Britton Photo by Emily Broe

Jordan Bratton 
Photo by Emily Broe

The amount of concert-goers that were so young they either had to dropped off by parents or were accompanied by parents was astonishing. Nevermind NSFW, I would consider a good majority of the music not safe for many areas of daily life. I hesitate to even think of how these young girls with their fathers responded when SoMo asked who was going to be his “dirty girl” for the night.

The songs are pretty self explanatory in content with names like “We Can Make Love” “Ride” and “Bad Chick.” With each song, the crowd grew rowdier, and with each shirt SoMo took off they fell more and more in lust. I swear he must have gone through at least 4 shirts during his set. After all of this, I didn’t think he could do anything to shock me even more. I was wrong.

About halfway through the set, he began working the crowd again, but this time took a young lady out of the crowd. After calling security over to help her climb on the stage, he sat her down in the middle of the stage and asked her name–Alicia. He proceeded to sign a remix of “Or Nah” while dancing very seductively on and around this girl. Again, I am very shocked that parents brought their kids to this show.

The girl disappeared off stage and SoMo came back with (shocker!) another new shirt. This one a button up which was very soon undone to make sure everyone knew how defined his abs are. After he finished the first portion of the set, SoMo disappeared off stage. He really played hard to get and made the crowd work for an encore.
When I am looking for shows to go to, I usually decide because I enjoy the music or because I think it will be an interesting experience. This one was definitely more of an experience than I thought, but the music was still crazy good and full of energy.

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