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Sky Age Revolutionizes What It Means to Be in a Band

Sky Age Revolutionizes What It Means to Be in a Band

Like everything else in the age of technology, I’ve noticed a distinct change lately in how music is consumed and produced. A prime example of this is sky.age – an internet band forging a new path by breaking the barriers of what a band is expected to be. The biggest reason for this unique quality is that the members of sky.age haven’t collaborated in person yet due to the geographic distance between them.

I spoke recently with Frankie Doppler – one of the contributors to this inventive techno / EDM project started by Macro Dreams – and he explained that although an in-person gig isn’t possible right now for many reasons, he and the band do hope to host many digital events through Discord – a platform with functions similar to those of Instagram or Facebook live. Conversely, this also means that he and the other contributors have produced their music completely remotely – something that wouldn’t have even been possible a hundred years ago. While the sky.age fan base is still in its infancy stage, each contributor already has their own following on their social medias, which can be found at these handles:

Macro Dreams – @macrodreams777 (California)
Frankie Doppler – @frankiedoppler (California)
shybot – @_.shybot._ (France)
808angel – @808ange1 (Pennsylvania)
Crybaby Cam – @crybabycamo (California)
Future is Offline – @futureisoffline (France)
Lifepoints – @lifepointsxxo (Jersey) [UK]

“Early on we decided that we wanted to put out some sort of project together to announce to the scene who we were as a group, because people already knew who we were individually, but not as [sky.age]. So after a couple months of making songs together, we decided to put out an album. We have many plans for our next releases. And with the level of drive and talent that everyone in the group has, and the amount of files being sent back and forth, you can expect to hear a lot from us in the future.”

Frankie Doppler, on sky.age

This first album is available on SoundCloud as sky.age: Book I – and after listening to it myself, I naturally gravitated toward track 4: “cali moon”. It’s got a very catchy beat, intriguing vocal effects, and a clever hook that delivers nostalgia in a wistful, dream-like state full of possibilities. With sounds and melodies straight out of a video game teenage fantasy montage, this song is a great place to retreat from the stresses of real life and find motivation again. The most similar band I would compare them to is probably Waterparks, even though they fall more on pop-punk side of the techno gradient – whereas sky.age is much more focused on EDM.

“This song was especially fun because Macro Dreams, Crybaby Cam, and I all grew up in the same part of Northern California. Although we’re not all geographically together anymore, we are still all in the same state making music together, and could all really relate to the feeling of the track.”

Frankie Doppler, on “cali moon”

“cali moon” was produced by both 808angel and Macro Dreams. Vocals are provided by Macro Dreams, Frankie Doppler, and Crybaby Cam flowing in and out of the dance-able beat and innovative sound effects cognizant of pitch-toned water droplets. The rest of the album is similar in tone but different in textures, with songs sharing similarly wistful moments threaded throughout.

This is especially evident with lyrics like “I guess I’m caught up in your blue eyes / I can’t see through all your lies / although I tried nothing I try ever goes right”. The move from that place of frustration, to lines in the chorus like “there must be somethin’ ’bout the California moonlight / it’s got me trippin’ got me caught up in your blue eyes” which acknowledges that pain from a past relationship often lingers, but it’s usually easier to just blame the circumstances or the setting for the inability to fully let go. It’s poetic and clever, but also really audibly pleasing in the context of the chosen sound and vocal effects.

If you like techno / EDM music, definitely take a listen to “cali moon” by sky.age and the rest of Book: I, which is available on SoundCloud HERE. This band isn’t letting anything – especially not distance – stop them, and you must know by now that tenacity and refusal to give up when things get tough only produces the very best art.

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Angelina Singer

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