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If we start a revolution could we shakedown bossy,brassy Bettman to eliminate the all too controversial shoot-out?

If he looks even remotelbruinslogo2y under David Andrews direction, the AHL, which has become the sole primary development league for all thirty NHL organizations implemented a testing format for the 2014-15 season called Rule 85 (overtime) which states that “sudden-death overtime will be seven minutes during the regular season, preceded by a “dry scrape” of the entire ice surface.

Teams will change ends at the start of overtime and play 4-on-4 at full strength until the first whistle after 3 minutes of play at which time the teams will play 3-on-3 for the duration of the session.

If the game is still tied after overtime the winner will then be determined by a three player shootout which progresses to sudden-death rounds until a winner is determined.”

The fans have reported that this format has been enormously effective and has made the game more exhilarating with an overwhelming 72 percent less shootouts and that the AHL version has given teams equal opportunity to earn their two points instead of “getting lucky”.

This format makes complete sense to me and arguably many Bruins fans as shootouts seem to be our nemesis with even the Bench Boss Julien, when asked, retaliated with, “they suck, yeah thats my opinion of shootouts” after dropping seven straight games in sloppy shootout fashion.

Heading into the Lightning game last Thursday, the Bruins and Tampa were tied for last in the league with the Kings with only two shootout W’s. With the season winding down, points are pressing and apparently the harried Bruins are so riveted with hockey that 65 minutes doesn’t seem to be enough playing time for them, which could be very costly to the standings. Hopefully, the NHL will implement the AHL’s “Rule 85” for next season and envision, if possible, that Bettman can recognize that this change has proven to be staggeringly successful.

Darlene Nichols

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