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Seven Lions review: Boston

Seven Lions review: Boston

Boston’s best connection to the newest music:

By: Gabby Damico
BSD Concert Correspondent
A new semester means new concerts in the same, awesome venues. On January 28th, I spent an intensifying night at the House of Blues. The Anjunabeats tour is one for the books. This reminded me a lot of the Cash Cash performance I went to back in November. The music was booming and the crowd was loving it. This time, I was properly dressed in my skinny jeans, converse, and my sleeveless shirt in anticipation for the extreme dancing I was about to do.

Grum, one of the five acts of the night came on at 7:00, opened for the smaller audience that slowly trickled in when the doors first had opened. Following, came Andrew Bayer at 9:00. The first two acts, although I had never heard of them, were awesome.

The only complaint that I have is that the transition between songs was not as smooth as I like, but the switch between artists was! Lian Bluestone and Jason Ross stole the show following the first two acts. They had similar sounds and collectively brought more energy to the audience, which was quickly beginning to grow.

The anticipation was tangible throughout the room as anxious fans, including myself awaited the final and biggest act of the night: Seven Lions.

As the night grew longer and the time was quickly passing, it came to be 11:00 before I knew it. Seven Lions gave an amazing performance comparable to Cash Cash and The Chainsmokers.

Their music was lively and so easy to move to. Their transitions were good and drops were even better. I was anything but disappointed and got a more amazing show than I had expected. Seven Lions are most popular for their song Strangers, but I also enjoyed when they played Days to Come and Worlds Apart.

Before this concert, I have never really listened to the Seven Lions. Their songs came on shuffle some times, but now after the show, I find myself adding all their songs to my Spotify playlist. If you’re looking for good music to get a party started, Seven Lions is a good go to group. I was thoroughly impressed and have been raving about them since.
EDM concerts are the new thing of 2016 and because of performances like the Seven Lions in the Anjunabeats Tour, I will definitely be attending more.

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