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Ryan Fitzgerald ” they (Patriots) always do a great job of taking away your best player

Ryan Fitzgerald ” they (Patriots) always do a great job of taking away your best player

nfllogo3Q: Ryan, on the second-to-last play going across the middle, why did you guys decide to do that instead of trying to go deep?
RF: Well, they were going to cover the sidelines and we felt like with 15 seconds, we were still able to complete one and get up around 15 to 20 yards and have a better chance getting it into the end zone, just in terms of holding up the rush better and being able to get more guys to the end zone and give us a better chance on that final play. So, that was the deal there, you know, and wasn’t able to execute it with the penalty.

Q: You guys knew going in that Bill Belichick was going to take away Chris [Ivory] and then he got hurt on the first play. Did that change what you were trying to do on offense?
RF: You know, they always do a great job of taking away your best players, so they were going to try to take away Chris. And [they] had two guys on Brandon [Marshall] all game. You know, they weren’t going to let Brandon catch the ball, so you know, we had other guys that had to step up and I thought [Eric] Decker played a great game. Especially on third down, with some of the stuff he did, but you know, we’ve just got to find a way to score more points, take advantage of the third downs we missed and then the big ones in the red zone. When we get down there, seven points, it’s got to happen every time for us. You know, we can’t settle for three.

Q: Did they do something differently against Brandon [Marshall] than other teams this year because he gets doubled a lot?
RF: Yeah, I mean, it was double on every play. You know, a lot of times they will take Brandon away as much as you can, but they certainly made a conscious effort to have two guys on him on every play.

Q: Did you wind up being forced to throw a lot more times than anticipated going in, as well as the scrambling obviously?
RF: We just kind of take what’s there and see how the game is going and all that. So, I haven’t even looked at any of the statistics in terms of run to pass or anything like that. But I thought we had a good game plan coming in and you end up adjusting a few things by the way the game is going. I thought we fought all day.


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