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(on being a big part of the game due to his number of punts and the field position battle)
“Shoot, it was a blessing to be out there with our unit and to be able to have an impact on the game. In the end, man, it’s incredible. For us to work as long as we have for eight, nine months out of the year and to see it come like this in the end, it’s amazing.”

(on how surprised he was that Seattle’s last offensive play was a pass rather than a run and his reaction to the interception)
“It was incredible. Believe it or not, I was getting ready for any type of play over by the [kicking] net. When we heard the crowd, it was an incredible feeling.”

(on how the game finished)
“I’m at a loss for words almost a little bit. It’s just amazing. Sometimes, like (Head) Coach (Bill Belichick) always says, we’ve got to play for 60 minutes, and that’s a prime example of that right there.”

(on if he was surprised by Seattle’s final offensive play)
“I wasn’t paying too much attention around that. I was making sure that I was focused on what I needed to do in my job if I was called upon.”


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