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Rex Burkhead presser – AFC Title Game

Rex Burkhead presser – AFC Title Game

Rex Burkhead, Running Back

(On going to the Super Bowl)
“It’s an unbelievable feeling. It was a great game, and it showed the fight this team has and what this team is made of. The character, the build-up, the family, we really came together and fought through some adversity today. To come out with the win is really unbelievable.”

(On being down 10 points going into the fourth quarter)
“We started getting momentum and really got some drives going. I think after that we kept it going and started getting it in the end zone. We didn’t really have that happening in the first half. Once we started scoring it was a relief.”

(On Danny Amendola’s performance)
“He’s a baller. Last game he had a great game and this game he had a great game, and he’s always making plays.”

(On Tom Brady’s performance)
“It’s unbelievable what he does. The injuries he fights through and playing football at 40 years old is unreal. For him to do that and to go out there and continue to make plays is unbelievable, and it’s why he’s the greatest.”

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