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Boston Sports Desk Correspondent

PUBLISHERS NOTE: Kerianne Lynch is the newest correspondent to Boston Sports Desk. She will be offering her thoughts and opinions on local and national sports. She will be bringing her ideas and comments to you from a young women’s perspective as well as that from an AVID Red Sox fan. If you need to reach her, email her at BSD is looking forward to providing you with Kerianne’s writings.

KERIANNE LYNCH:  I am a working wife, mother of three, a strong follower of Boston sports and a Red Sox fanatic. I currently live on the South Shore,  love to spend my free time playing golf, working out, running, and participating in charity events with friends and family. 


Presently, New England is buried in both snow and a lingering depression from the New England Patriots’ playoff loss that no one saw coming. Instead of gearing up for Super Bowl XLV, we are all left with a “foot” in our mouths. We are desperate for a glimpse of Spring and although the Celtics and Bruins are doing a damn good job of keeping us entertained, most of us are counting the days until the Red Sox season opener.

 Thankfully we don’t have much longer to wait. Pitchers and Catchers report to Spring Training February 14, Valentine’s Day.

Members of Red Sox Nation are looking forward to pulling their coveted Varitek , Ortiz, Ellsbury, and Williams jerseys from their winter hibernation, anxious to feel the weight of the shirt on our backs. Our mouths are watering for hot dogs, Italian sausages, and draft beer, which in truth are available anywhere but never seem to taste the same unless you are nestled into the quirky seats of Fenway Park.

 The addition of several new players during this Hot Stove season only adds to our anticipation.

  Golden Glove Left Fielder Carl Crawford, and First Baseman Adrian Gonzalez are just a couple new additions to the notoriously laid-back clubhouse and I for one cannot wait to see how they mesh with the rest of the roster. Until then, we will all be ticking  days off of the calendar  until  the first reports of Spring Training are in.

 Here’s hoping that holds us over until April.  For Red Sox Nation, the season can’t start soon enough !

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