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Pointing fingers at others has become the Patriots go to option when it comes to their pathetic offense

Pointing fingers at others has become the Patriots go to option when it comes to their pathetic offense

By Kevin Flanagan

BSD Senior Staff Writer

I have to admit, for as much as I have enjoyed the last 20 years of unprecedented success that the Bill Belichick and Tom Brady has brought to a region that really wasn’t worthy of an NFL franchise before Bill Parcells and Drew Bledsoe combined to fill what was a glorified high school stadium on Route 1 in Foxboro in 1993, I almost have find myself enjoying a little bit of schadenfreude when it comes to today’s spoiled Patriots fans.

What was the most moribund franchise in the NFL prior to the time of their arrival – and only those who have no clue are the only ones who will argue against the fact that it was the combination of Parcells, Bledsoe and subsequently Bob Kraft’s purchasing of the team when everyone thought that the team that Billy Sullivan founded in 1960 was bound for St. Louis are the three biggest reasons that Patriots Place exists today – have become the most spoiled and coddled fanbase that exists in all of professional sports today.

While the narrative that will surround the Patriots loss to the Kansas City Chiefs at home this past Sunday afternoon will undoubtedly focus on what were some obvious missed calls by the officials on the field – which makes it no different than the other 15 contests that took place this week on the League’s schedule – the truth is that the Pats problems – especially on offense – go much deeper than the guys wearing pinstripes and blowing the whistles during the 60 minutes of play each week.

As asinine as it may sound – given the fact that Belichick and Brady have combined for six Super Bowl Championships and nine appearances in the biggest game in the sporting world together – GM Bill once again hamstrung his once in a generation quarterback entering what is more and more looking like his last year with what has become the league’s most legendary franchise.

The fact is that dynasties don’t last forever (just ask Montreal Canadien fans).  However, the most prolific of them all since the bean counters instituted a salary cap could have – and by all rights should have – continued their unprecedented dominance over the other 31 NFL teams who yearly struggle to remove their head from their anus on an annual basis.

However – much like the unnecessary drought that the Patriots went through between claiming the Lombardi Trophy in 2004 and 2014 – are a factor of the arrogance of the front office more than the play of the greatest of all-time QB than has more often made more out the limited talent he has been given on offense, and yet still has made his team perennial contenders.

Nevertheless, it is pretty clear to see, that even the GOAT in the history of the NFL can no longer make chicken salad out of chicken shit at the tender age of 42. 

Let’s be real, when your most dangerous option on offense as a receiver is a five-foot-nothing guy that can’t lift one of his arms over his head due to injury, your chances of being a Super Bowl Championship squad is – let’s say – limited. 

That being said, the whining of the spoiled Patriots fans is beyond amusing.  Never has a fanbase that knew so little about a game and yet was blessed with such a successful run has ever been exposed as such frauds.

If everyone who claims that they were season ticket holders since the “70’s” actually existed, I wouldn’t have spent my childhood listening to home games on the radio.

Whether you like it or not Pats fans, your unprecedented two decades of dominance are rapidly coming to an end.

If you choose to blame that on the officials, or the fact that your GOAT of a QB is throwing passes to a bunch of jackasses behind an offensive line that consists of a group of overweight lambs, is up to you.

The truth is, no one likes a sore winner.  And there is no group of fans that encapsulates that more than the last two decades of Patriots sycophants.

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