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Patriots get the victory, come up short on the vengeance

Patriots get the victory, come up short on the vengeance

By Kevin Flanagan

BSD Senior Staff Writer

So much for hell having no fury like the Patriots scorned. On a disappointment meter from one to ten, this one came in around an 8.5.

I know, I know; we are all spoiled rotten. You can tell yourself “a win is a win” and spout every other boring sports cliché you want, but if you claim not to be under whelmed by the game that was billed as Bill Belichick and Tom Brady laying waste to Indianapolis the way General Sherman burned Atlanta, you are simply lying, or you are such a sycophant that you can’t help yourself

Hell, no one was more disappointed by the lack of dismantling done by the Pats than TB12 himself, as he insinuated in his post-game comments . No doubt he wanted to middle finger fist pump in the end zone at least a half-dozen times, but in part because the Patriots were getting close to having to have Jim McNally suit up and give them a couple series on the offensive line, Brady and the offense couldn’t get clicking like they had been for the first four weeks of the season.

Sunday night’s game was the equivalent to going to Flemings for the filet, but being served the salmon instead. Sure, the food was good, but it wasn’t the melt in your mouth steak you had been waiting for all week, and the next chance you will get to taste that delectable delight won’t come again until January if it comes at all this season.

This was supposed to be a fire and brimstone scorching of the team that acted like tattletales and caused Tom Terrific to become the NFL’s most wanted since the AFC Championship game last January. Not only were Bill and Tom supposed to get their pound of flesh, the rest of New England was to get a neatly wrapped package of equine meat to roast at our leisure, while all the while making fun of Andrew Luck’s goofy beard.

Instead, our nicely prepared salmon supper went down a little sour.

There is an arrogance to being a Patriots fan that had begun to be eroded ever so slightly prior to Malcolm Butler picking off that pass last February in the Super Bowl. The dramatic victory that was punctuated by that pickwhich somewhat overshadowed Brady’s 4th quarter performance being the only QB ever to take his team from a 14 point deficit in the last period of the game to win a championshipprovided the opportunity for fans in New England to once again puff their chests and tell the rest of the fans of the NFL to kiss the rings.

Given the grief that TB12 had to go through throughout the entire off-season and still be seen as the guilty party (By the way, I still think he did it.), especially in Indy, demanded that Brady and his boys make the Colts pay in the most excruciating way possible.

Instead, the Pats and their fans had to settle for another business-like win for a team that looks like they are once again poised to make a run for another Lombardi trophy next February.

Nevertheless, we wanted, no we expected so much more.

Spoiled? Maybe. I guess that is what happens when your coach and quarterback are light-years ahead nearly every other team in the league.

Put your needle in that and deflate it, Indy.

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