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(opening statement)
“First off, excellent Lambeau Field win. I thought the crowd was phenomenal. Excellent football team in the New England Patriots. What a big challenge that they bring to the table. I thought offensively, we had a lot of productivity. Point total was enough to win the game. I thought the defense did a lot of good things. I think at the end of the game, [that] is what you’re looking for as a coach. When each unit, the offense, the defense, the special teams, you need them to make key plays down the stretch and we accomplished that tonight. There were some really good things situationally. They challenged us throughout the game with a number of adjustments. I thought our players handled all of our adjustments very well. Excellent win for us; we’re 9-3, but the reality is that it’s one win that we’ll enjoy tonight. Like I said, we have great respect for New England, their football team, and we’ll be moving on to the Falcons in the morning.”
nfllogo3(on Rodger’s distribution of the football)
“I thought Aaron played extremely well. I thought New England’s defense did an excellent job with their pass rush plan, the ability to be disciplined, staying in their lanes, keeping us in the pocket and Aaron did a great job extending plays from the pocket and buying our receivers some more time. It was a matchup game throughout. They were changing their matchups based on personnel groups and so forth. So there was a lot going on and I thought Aaron was outstanding at the line of scrimmage and I thought our players did a great job handling the adjustments.”

(on how confident he is in his defense after today’s game)
“We’re confident in our whole football team. We’re confident in our defense. We had a good plan tonight. We tried to match their personnel. Gronkowski is a great player; he’s a very tough matchup. We’re playing against one of the greatest quarterbacks that’s played, definitely in this generation for sure. This was a big win for us. Our defense hit the target as far as getting some pressure on Tom Brady and we scored more than they did. We made the big play on third down to push their last series to a field goal attempt.”

(on the defense’s performance)
“If you had told me that we were going to hold them to 21, I would have probably felt pretty good about the opportunity to win the game. I thought our defense did a lot of good things today.”

(on winning a close game)
“I just go back to our philosophy of winning. First, you have to find ways to win. Learn how to win, number one. Then you have to find ways to win and you have to do it as many different ways as possible, especially during the course of the regular season. That’s how teams grow, that’s how you have things to learn from each and every day. There will be plenty of corrections tomorrow that we’ll be able to go back with our players and learn and as we can, grow and move on to the Falcons. This thing is about getting better each and every day. It’s not cliché. It’s reality. It’s the way we approach it. So, these kind of wins are valuable because the reality is when you get into December football, they’re usually close games.”

(on both teams being committed to a pass-run balance in this game)
“It was just our plan. We had targets that we wanted to hit in the run game and we had targets we wanted to hit in the passing game, as far as the attempts and how we went about it. The play distribution was the way we planned it to be all week. With that, it’s really about the players. It’s about the execution and making the adjustments to the challenges New England’s defense posed to us tonight.”

(on the post-game conversation he had with Bill Belichick after the game)
“I’ll just say this: He was very gracious, and that’s about as far as I’ll go. He has set the standard for an NFL head coach, definitely in my time in the league. It’s awesome to go up and compete against his team and no one does it better than what he’s done.”

(on how it feels to win a game they didn’t play perfectly)
“It feels good. It feels good that it wasn’t going to be a perfect game, but we practice and we prepare and we gave it our best shot. We had some opportunities in the red zone that we didn’t convert, but the most important thing was that we were getting down there to score points. These are tough games to win. It’s something we can learn from. We’ll probably spend a little bit more time on red zone [offense] this week and make sure we have the opportunity to improve.”

(on if there is a larger meaning to this than just one win)
“I just think it’s about stacking successes. As you get into the season, it’s our ninth win, our goal is always to get to 10 wins and then look around and see what’s going on. We’ll keep our nose down to the grindstone and get ready for the Atlanta Falcons. Let’s be real, we beat a heck of a football team tonight and with that, you get a little extra nugget of confidence that goes with it.”

(on the performance of Sam Barrington)
“Sam is doing an excellent job. As we continue to talk about in here, we’re trying to play as many different combinations of players as possible. We’re trying to utilize everybody on our team, specifically the defense. We’re healthy, this is a good thing. Teams that practice together and play each week, they improve. Sam’s earned his opportunities. I thought he did some nice things tonight.”

(on how far Richard Rodgers and Davante Adams have come this season)
“The rookies are doing a heck of a job: Richard, Davante, Corey [Linsley], the impact they made on offense. I feel good about the progress they’ve clearly made throughout the year.”

(on if he saw something to prompt him to call timeout before the first half expired)
“Like most times, you have two calls. He [Rodgers] definitely saw something on the pre-snap, prior to the timeout. A lot of it had to do with the matchup and how we felt that particular matchup was playing. It was an excellent play call [selection by Rodgers at the line] and excellent execution by Aaron and Jordy [Nelson].”


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