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NESN, Werner just don’t get it !

NESN, Werner just don’t get it !

imageLet me start with this: NESN Chairman Tom Werner is an imbecile! An hour ago, NESN released a statement that could only be described as clueless.

On Sunday, the Red Sox played a video tribute to Don Orsillo in the 7th inning. Orsillo, who was for all purposes, fired by NESN in August when they told him quietly that his contract would not be renewed, was touched by the out-pouring of affection. NESN chose not toad the tribute further infuriating fans at home. Ch 5’s Mike Lynch reported that a message was sent out by NESN telling those involved to NOT show the video tribute on air.

The backlash was swift. Fans chimed in voicing their disappointment and frustration

The following was sent out by NESN regarding their plans to honor longtime announcer Don Orsillo in the final game of the season.

“Yesterday’s Don Orsillo tribute by the Red Sox was designed to be an in-ballpark celebration for the fans in attendance,” the statement read, referring to the team’s tribute to the broadcaster at Fenway Park on Monday – which, to the displeasure of viewers, was not televised.

“NESN already had separate plans underway to recognize Don during our last telecast of the season this Sunday (Oct 4). We look forward to celebrating Don’s career at NESN throughout that game.”

Here’s a few questions for Mr. Werner:
1) Why would you honor a man you fired because you needed “more energy”
2) After you chose not to show the Red Sox video tribute on Sunday…because you had your own celebration planned….why not show both ???
3) Do you really think Red Sox/Boston Fans are dumb enough ti believe your crock of shit ?

The second half of the Red Sox/NESN season have been plagued with mis-steps, poor decisions and an absolute total disregard for the fans who pay big bucks to go to Fenway and watch NESN.

Mr. Werner, Boston Fans know better…you sir are an imbecile.

Kevin Harriman

BSD Publisher


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  1. The Red Sox has the best broadcast team in baseball, it’s a shame in a year where the team wasn’t good – it was made worse by Don’s firing, I have defended my team even with some questionable moves, this really makes me mad, why?

    • Kevin Harriman

      It is a shame !

    • so I think what they did to Don is a look in to what kind of people they are. And we all know how that went

      • Kevin Harriman

        Gail, NESN thinks Red Sox fans are stupid ! Plain and simple


  2. I’ve spent the day writting to ALL of NESN’s sponsors. I wrote when the news of Don’s departure was announced, telling them I planned to boycott their products. Today I wrote to tell them the boycott is for my life time. They didn’t get off their corporate butts and do anything in behalf of Don. I’m done with them ALL. We warned you about karma NESN and now it’s coming at you! Oh yea, and I’m telling everyone I know to do the same.

    • Kevin Harriman

      Thanks for your comment !

  3. Kevin, I’m sure the “Good Sisters of St. Joseph” didn’t teach you that bit re, the Germans and Pearl Harbor.

    • Kevin Harriman


  4. I am appalled at the stupid moves by Larry, Curly, and MOE. We were dumbfounded by Francona, Valentine, Jon & John, and so many other bad moves its unreal. Yet we stayed. 3 basement seasons, we still tuned in. But this is the last straw. What’s worse, Dumb and Dumber KNOW Don & Jerry have 20k fb fans, they attended an event in November 2014 for them! To do this to Don, and knowing of 61000 signatures protesting his loss was an insult, and Boston fans are serious fans who don’t take insult sitting down. WE WILL NOT FORGET.

    • Kevin Harriman

      Well said Pamels !

  5. DON IS NOTHING BUT CLASs,Best Of Luck,can`t say the same for Werner or nesn

  6. Kevin,

    Thanks for writing this article. It is indeed what we fans who have loyally followed the Red Soc for years are feeling. I cannot believe their arrogance. The 62,000+ of us will indeed keep on with our rants about how horribly the Sox and NESN have handled poor Don Orsillo who is such a great person as well as announcer. He has a golden voice. O”Brien may be a good play by play person but being on tv is very different from being on the radio. O”Brien is too dry for television. Orsillo and Remy are entertaining during the years when the Sox have had losing seasons. Please write more if you get a chance.

    • Kevin Harriman

      Thanks for your comments Peg !

  7. None of this fiasco makes any sense. Tom Werner, J. Henry and that little network nesn are committing one stupid move after another. This sort of behavior is just SO STUPID that I have to believe there’s another motive. I don’t know what, but you have to admit it’s
    Looney Tunes on steroids. These guys are getting fat pay checks to commit the stupids?
    Like I said this fiasco doesn’t make sense.

    • Kevin Harriman

      Mark….100% agree….Looney Tunes on roids !


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