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Nattering nabobs at NESN were never in the class of Don Orsillo

Nattering nabobs at NESN were never in the class of Don Orsillo

By Kevin Flanagan

BSD Senior Staff Writer

Talk about class, I’m pretty sure that you could not define the end of Don Orsillo’s tenure as the voice of the Boston Red Sox for NESNan organization that is clearly misled if it can find a home for the obviously overwhelmed Jim Rice, but can’t come to an agreement with one of the best play by play guys in the businessany other way. Since being undercut by his bossesor more specifically, Red Sox chairman Tom Wernerand told he had been replaced by not fault of his own, Orsillo has been everything that his now former employers have rarely been; a standup guy.

Honesty, it can’t get worse for the folks as NESN these days, having said good-bye in a most tone-deaf way to one of the most popular voices the team’s TV broadcast has ever known, and likely to kneecap his partner next season as well.

Seriously, principal owner John Henry might just want to step out of his carefully constructed cocoon and consider pulling a Vince Lombardi in the next board meeting by asking, “What the hell is going on out here?”

I hate to break it to you Tom and John, but the fact you finished in last place for the third time in four years has little to do with you having employed one of the best TV booths in the business, and more to do with the fact that you chose Larry Lucchinoyou know, the guy you squeezed out of the organization just weeks agoover the guy who is just a month away from possibly being the guy who ended the longest championship droughts in baseball historyTheo Epsteinbecause Tom wanted to win in a more exciting fashion.

Really, John; if Tom Werner is such a TV genius, why does NESN’s programming suck so much? Sox Appeal, anyone? Or maybe you want to burn some brain cells watching the dink that is Charlie Moore pump up his overly inflated ego catching sunfish at the expense of Aubuchon Hardware on a program that barely draws more viewers than the infomercial that dominate your dormant network.


The dismissal of Don Orsillo was either personal, or a pathetic attempt to change something that wasn’t broken. Nonetheless, unlike the weasels who saw fit to forsake an icon who should remain in his rightful place, Orsillo maintained his dignity right to the end.

In fact, as he said in his final call, “Orsillo is rounding third, heading home.” That home going forward will be sunny San Diego, California. And, hopefully, in the end, he will likely realizeand as a somber Sox Nation reluctantly will come to as wellthat he is the winner in the end.

After all, an organization that doesn’t recognize excellencethere is a reason they are basement dwellers for three of the last four yearsdoesn’t deserve a guy like Orsillo.

You know what? Sometimes good guys do finish first.

A tip of the cap (By the way, have you ever seen anything like the entire dugout emptying out to pay respect to a play by play guy like you did for Don Orsillo?), to you D.O.; way to kill ‘em with class.

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12 responses

  1. I stopped watching NESN this week. Probably wont again. NESN, you lost this viewer.

  2. You are so right prepare for the curse of @donantangelo and it starts right now

  3. I will watch the Games on NESN, but the Sox made a huge errror in the way they handled this change. Remy & Orsillo were not the reason of slippage in viewership. The product on the field was clearly the issue. That team kept us watching and listening becuse they could have been friends in the living room commenting on the game just as easily as in the booth. That is why we watched.

  4. Sums up the situation perfectly. I hope NESN big-shots read this and feel the pain they deserve for dumping a horrible miscarriage of justice on both Don and on his extensive fan base. Just plain sad.

  5. MJO

    Mr. Flanagan couldn’t have said it better! I’m canceling my Red Sox Plates that I pay $100 for at the MA Registry of Motor Vehicles. Some of the money gets donated to Dana Farber. Because of the RICH owner and management for the Soxs, Diana Farber will not be getting a donation. I will support the Animals by getting the Friendly Animal license plate.

    OH, Dustin Pedoria, your much too good for the Red Sox.


    • Wow, punishing the kids with cancer for an announcer!! Now that is a stupid thing to say. We do not need supporters like you anyway. Don’t let the door hit you “you know where” on your way out.

  6. Couldn’t have said it better myself

  7. Bravo, Kevin. I’ve written several emails to NESN, saying some of the same things, as have other people. It’s a sad day when an organization gets rid of someone like Don Orsillo, more than that, it’s ethically immoral, in my opinion. And with the rumors about Jerry going too, I’ll be listening to my radio, to Joe Castiglione, NOT watching NESN.
    (Was it just a coincidence that NESN had so many technical problems during Don’s last game yesterday?)

  8. I would never turn my back on the Red Sox because of an announcer. Those that do were announcer fans and not Red Sox fans. Personally, I believe that Don is just someone we got used to and in the grand scheme of things, his loss is not as big a deal than it has been made to seem.

    I had some problems with Don’s “approximation” announcing. He always knew what players were things? “Oh, he was unhappy with that call”, even when nothing indicated that this was true.

    “Down and away”, when it was just down and not away. Simply calling it in much like the old broadcaster’s that hit a piece of wood and told the audience the result of the play. Don would been more appreciated from me if he were on WEEI where I could not see his play-by-play laziness.

    He rarely stood up for his opinions with Jerry. He would nearly always give way to Jerry’s disagreement with what Don had to say. Don is not a consummate sports guy. His opinions of other sports were poor at best.

    Now, all that being said, yes, I will miss Don but I see a bigger picture than most. Change is always happening. I can still remember Curt Gowdy and Ken Coleman doing Sox games but that time has passed. Time to remember that the Boston Red Sox is what brings us all together and not any one “announcer.”

  9. I quit the Sox for a few years following the Tito debacle. Now it’s NESN’s turn ruining the best 1-2 punch in MLB TV broadcasting. I have had it with NESN and the Sox. Don’t look now, but I read that they’re considering the role that Remy will play next season.
    This time around, I won’t be back. Best of luck Don. You deserved so much better.

  10. Thanks, Kevin. We totally agree with your comments, well said. NESN has made a huge mistake in letting Announcer Boy go. He was what made some of the past dreadful seasons funs. There was nothing better than the Don & Jerry show.

  11. Scott Remy and all of the other idiots who agree with him is an effing dick. When Fox announced the games, I shut the sound off because they are monotone and biased. They suck big time. Having great announcers can make or break a game for the viewers and I won’t be back next year. I love Jerry Remy, but NESN is going to screw him over too. It is just a matter of time. For those of you who think he (Orsillo) is ‘just an announcer’, you probably can’t spell your own names right. I will have no problem watching the Padres.

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