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Malcolm Butler press conference: Tampa Bay

Malcolm Butler press conference: Tampa Bay

(On the overall team performance)
“It’s a lot better. We’re communicating better. We went out there and played with good confidence. As a group, we just had a good week of practice. It was short, so we just went out there and got it done.”

(On whether having a short week helped)
“I think it helped us focus more because we knew that we didn’t have much time to prepare, so you know, it was a sense of urgency.”

(On if he thought the defense had something to prove tonight)
“Yes sir, I do. They played a lot better.”

(On what he believes the team did particularly well at tonight)
“Playing with confidence, going back to the basics and just playing good football, complimentary football. ”

(On what they wanted to do as a defense)
“We do what we do. We do what we’ve been doing and that’s playing man-to-man, just hustling out there. Whatever the cause is, whatever it is, go out there and just handling business.”

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