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Lars Eller press conference: Bruins

Lars Eller press conference: Bruins

NHLOn chemistry with his linemates Alex Galchenyuk and Alex Semin…
I think we had that early, even in training camp, and today we played a little better than we did in Toronto. I think the whole team took the play up a notch, and we were pretty effective when we had our chances, and we could’ve even had a few more. So it was a good step in the right direction for the whole team I think.

On his line staying together since camp and playing well now…
I was pretty confident that it was going to come at some point. We were scoring a lot before. We might not score every game, but we did a lot of good things today and we got rewarded. That was nice.

On if he sees Alex Galchenyuk as an effective centerman…
Yeah I think he could be. I think he was today. There’s no reason why he couldn’t do that.

On the playmaking by his linemates on both of his goals…
That was obviously very skilled. They hold on to the puck for that second longer, to be able to make the play and draw the guys to them. That’s one of their strongest assets and we saw that today on some of the goals. I mean even the first goal, Chuckie [Alex Galchenyuk], he makes a pass and he drives to the net, and draws some guys on him, and opens up for somebody else. So that’s what we need to keep doing. It doesn’t matter who it is. As long as we work together like that, we’re going to be good.

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