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Kyrie Irving meets with the media following loss to Pacers

Kyrie Irving meets with the media following loss to Pacers

Kyrie Irving

Re: Difference, after taking the lead, down the stretch
“Energy, probably. It just took a lot to even get back until that point. They were just a lot fresher down the stretch, and, you know, making plays, and Victor Oladipo just getting downhill and making some tough shots and some pullups as well. You know. But we had no chance of being there—like, we had no reason being in that game anyway. We fought back, we battled back, but they – they came out and just really hit us in the mouth in the first half. And obviously, you know, there’s a decision that you have to make at halftime whether you’re going to concede or whether you’re going to fight. And we made the choice to fight which we, for the most part, do. You know, sometimes it’s too late, and tonight it just was a little too late.”

Re: Whether fatigue was a factor tonight
“Fatigue is always a factor. It’s always a factor playing in the NBA. But, hey, we get played pretty handsomely to be out there and take care of our bodies and demand a lot from ourselves. So, I mean, it’s just a game. I love it, ups and downs of it.”

Re: Impressions of Paul Pierce, when he was younger
“Truth. Going against my favorite player, Kobe (Bryant). Just giving him fits – and I have a picture saved – Kobe walking off and all of the green confetti. You know, this is back before I became a Celtic – I just want to let you guys know that. You know, Kobe’s walking off the floor, and I go home, and I re-watch the highlights of Games 1 through 6 and you see the – I think it was Game – whatever game it was in LA, Pierce had that black leather knee brace on. And he just put on an unbelievable show in front of his hometown crowd. And he just always rose to the occasion. Just consistently wanted that shot, wanted that possession, and then you saw him just flourish when he had other great players around him. You know, those first few years he was trying to get there, and struggling a little bit, which all young players do, and then he got – he got some dogs around him and they just – they just elevated him and it was so awesome to see, you know, that talent be elevated with other great players. And you still see how he much he separated himself from everyone else. And whatever the team needed, Doc (Rivers) gave him the green light. It’s not like he needed the green light to shoot anyway. So as you can see, as you can hear, I’m a fan. I’ve been a fan for a long time. I’m a fan of a lot of greats, but his legacy will live on forever on Sunday, with his jersey retired with a lot of other great players that played within the organization and around the league.”

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