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Kirk Cousins meets the media: Patriots

Kirk Cousins meets the media: Patriots


nfllogo3On if the team can carry its strong finish from the Tampa Bay game over to this week:
“I feel like every game is its own entity. They each count one. Every game is its own challenge, especially this one against a great team at their place. I think it was a confidence boost for us. A good character-building experience for us to come back from the deficit we had gotten and be able to find a win, but we definitely have a whole brand new challenge this week and we’re excited for it. I think they’re kind of separate entities.”

On his growth this season:
“I think it’s still a work in progress and a process all its own. Continue to get better and more confident each week as I play and learn from experiences both from successes and failures. I said at the beginning of the year that I’ll be a much different and much better quarterback by Week 16 than I was Week 1. I’m on that journey and on that process. What better way to continue to grow and get better and improve than to go into New England and play against one of the best teams – if not the best team – that’s out there.”

On being selected by the Redskins in 2012:
“I used to tell people that in 2012 when I was trying to understand where am I most likely to be drafted and who are the three or four teams that have pursued me the most and it would make sense that they would pick me, I never thought of who would be least likely to draft me. But looking back I would have told you the Redskins of all the teams – the 32 teams – I would have predicted they would be least likely to draft me because of the situation they were in drafting Robert [Griffin III] No. 2 overall. When I went there I was shocked but I guess that’s how it is sometimes. I just knew I had a great opportunity to be drafted anywhere. It was a dream come true and then had a lot of work no matter where I went. Right away when I got here, I was excited to be able to work with Coach [Mike] Shanahan and understand his system. I had great coaches. Being able to work with Robert was a great blessing to me because they had to get him ready to play. As a result, they really devoted a lot of time in developing both of us. I kind of wonder if I had gone to another team that had an established veteran that I may have been kind of passed off or forgotten about or just kind of expected to figure things out on my own. As a result of coming in with the No. 2 overall pick at quarterback, I was given a lot of attention and a lot of time was spent getting us ready. I think that was a huge blessing for me in developing and learning the game as quickly as possible.”

On his emotions after the Tampa Bay game:
“Yeah, I was just excited. It was a great team win. I was just coming in the tunnel from the field and just kind of yelled that to nobody in particular with just a lot of excitement and passion. It was kind of a funny thing. Just the world we live in today with social media and the opportunity for something like that to take off and get spread quickly… With the response and the attention that was being drawn to it, we were presented with the opportunity

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