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Katie Pruitt Shatters Expectations With New Captivating Single

Katie Pruitt Shatters Expectations With New Captivating Single

While driving home the other day, and flipping mindlessly through my favorite radio channels, I heard this incredible new pop song on an indie channel my mom told me about. The airy guitars with plenty of reverb, mixed with the Fleetwood Mac-inspired electric licks transported me to somewhere else. Or rather, I felt like someone else – this random girl singing through the radio made me feel heard.

With music that feels like meeting an old friend for the first time in a while, Katie Pruitt attacks her lyricism and musicality with the same storytelling prowess exhibited by the greatest musicians in the industry.

“Expectations” is the title track of her new album that was released in February, and I must say that it has all the elements that you’d expect for a hit song. Clear hook, layered and enthralling instrumentation, and overall ethereal nostalgic vibes make the listener float above just about everything else. The music video features the singer walking out of her high school at the start of summer, and instantly, the listener is sonically immersed in that excited yet nervous sort of freedom that you’d be hard pressed trying to duplicate anywhere else.

Album art for “Expectations”

“Fear is just the false belief that there is nothing you can do.”

Katie Pruitt, “Expectations”

This song hit me especially hard, because it absolutely nails the uncertainty felt by so many young people today. Whether you’re just getting out of school to join the workforce – or you’re like me, having been out of school for a year and still searching – this song has something for you in it. The most relevant lyrics reflecting the tone of this message would be: “All those years of bad test scores / Still trying to figure out what I was studying for / But once you walk out that classroom door / Nobody tells you where you’re going.”

Subtle yet powerful vocal harmonies also add additional color to this piece, and Katie herself rips out a pretty yet intense chordal guitar solo. What can’t this girl do?

Although sonically, bright warm chords and the warmth of Pruitt’s voice rival that of Stevie Nicks, her lyrics imply a certain darkness swirling below the surface of this tepid water. Navigating that, is where the true test comes in. It seems that Katie Pruitt has not only fought the unknowing, but embraced it with open arms just long enough to snap its neck under the guise of artistry and musicality.

If you’re anything like me and still searching for where you fit, this song will bring you comfort. The rest of her album has a similar sonic tone, but also questions things like finding out how to belong and trying to become who you really are. I can’t say I relate to all her struggles, but I sure do relate to this one. And I think it’s safe to say that most people will too. For four minutes and four seconds, you really will belong.

Watch the beautiful music video HERE:

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