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Julien looking for B’s to build on last performance

Julien looking for B’s to build on last performance


Bruins vs San Jose tonight

Bruins vs San Jose tonight

On the importance of putting back-to-back sixty minute efforts…
Yeah I think there’s obviously even more than that when you talk about the opportunity for us to
move up in the standings, too. You know we’ve got some games at hand and we’ve got to make the
most of it. You know you win tonight you got the opportunity move up three spots and that’s important. And with Thanksgiving just around the corner we have to take advantage of those games at home and make the most of it. So yes, there is an importance to winning tonight and being able to
play a full sixty minute type of effort that we’ve been looking for. So to duplicate that from last
Saturday would be important for us.

On if Colin Miller is an option tonight…
We’ve got all Ds available.

On what he’s seen from the San Jose Sharks…
Well they were off to a real good start. And obviously when you look at their record on the road
they’ve played well. They’re a good well-balanced team, you know. Their goaltending has been
good, they’ve got [Brent] Burns on defense who to me- he’s a beast, you know- so big, strong,
mobile, skates well, shoots the puck well. So they’ve got a good asset back there. Up front, they’ve
got some skill. So you know they’re a good team; they’re well coached, you know I think Peter
[DeBoer] has always done well in this league no matter where he’s gone so, you know, they’ve had a
little change of scenery there. But nonetheless at this point with our game where it’s been going at
home I think a lot of the focus has to be on us and knowing that every team that comes here looking
at our home record certainly comes in here with a lot of confidence right now.

On Zach Trotman and how he thinks he is doing…
I think when you look at how long he sat out for and how he’s done when he’s played he’s done well,
you know. And when you have eight Ds there’s going to be guys that are going to be going in and
out, you know, throughout the year. So you know we shouldn’t make too much of a deal of who’s in
who’s out more than they’re all going to play at some point.

On how he thinks it’s worked out with Jonas Gustavsson so far…
I think it’s worked out well. I think Gus [Jonas Gustavsson] has been really good for us. He’s given
us a chance to win in every game that he’s played, you know. Certainly not been the guy that you
point the finger at and say, you know, he wasn’t good enough for us tonight. So you have a backup
goalie that does that there’s no complaints from a coach.

On how intrigued he was in the brief time he had Martin Jones…
Well I mean I never had an opportunity; he was in and out so quickly it was hard for me to have
reaction [smiles].


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