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Jets coach Todd Bowles has few answers after loss to Patriots

Jets coach Todd Bowles has few answers after loss to Patriots


nfllogo3Q: What do you take away from today’s game?
TB: Nothing. We lost. It was our fault. We fought until the end and it wasn’t good enough. They played better situational football than we did. We will watch the film, correct the mistakes and move on.

Q: On the last play did it look like Brandon Marshall was slow getting back to the line?
TB: No, he got back and I think we moved. You can’t move when the ball is being snapped with the clock running down like that, so…

Q: It appeared that Chris Ivory got hurt on the first play a little bit. How much did that affect the game plan for the rest of the game?
TB: I don’t think it affected him that much. I thought he was tight in his hamstring and once he loosened up he went back in there and he was okay.

Q: Was it a preexisting thing with the hamstring or did it happen early in the game? Read
TB: It just happened early in the game.

Q: Was the idea on the first down play to Eric Decker after you recovered the onside [kick] just to get a little closer to make a throw in the end zone?
TB: Yeah, [we were] trying to get a little closer so we could spike it, so we could have a chance at a Hail Mary.

Q: Do you regret that?
TB: No. He wouldn’t have thrown it that far if we stayed where we were – we would have never made it.

Q: Right before the Rob Gronkowski touchdown you had three timeouts. Why not call one there since they started milking some time off the clock?
TB: We were trying to call it if we made a stop, [but] we didn’t stop them, obviously. It was like a second, two or three at the time we could have called a time out, but it didn’t make any sense since they were moving the ball right there, so we tried to get a stop to call one and we never got the stop.

Q: What were you hoping to do defensively against Gronkowski? What was the plan and what did he do to counter that plan?
TB: I don’t know if he did anything to counter any play of this game. He’s a big strong guy. We had him covered sometimes. He made some good plays. He’s a great football player. We tried to limit the yards after catch and I thought we did that some in the first half and didn’t do it as well in the second half.

Q: You got to Tom Brady a lot in the first half and not so much the second half. What changed there?
TB: Nothing. I don’t think we made him hold the ball as much in the second half. We made him hold it a little bit in the first half and we got to him in the second half [when] balls [were] coming out and we’ve just got to make plays.

Q: What update to you have on Calvin Pryor if any?
TB: Right now all I have is an ankle injury.

Q: And Nick Mangold?
TB: He has got to get neck X-rays.

Q: What about Sheldon Richardson?
TB: I don’t have any update on Sheldon right now from an injury standpoint. I know he went out and I’ve got to find out what it was.

Q: It appeared you had Darrelle Revis on Julian Edelman much of the day, but that third-and-17 play, was Revis on somebody else there which allowed him to get open?
TB: No, we were in a zone right there. He played [Revis] a lot of man and we played in the zone – we played normal. We just had a missed play in the coverage.

Q: Why not pressure instead of playing coverage on the third-and-17?
TB: Yeah, he figured [with] seventeen [yards] he can hold the ball a little more. [Julian Edelman] just made a good play. You’ve got to play cat and mouse with them. You can’t give them what they want all the time, so we were trying to do that all game and it didn’t work that time.

Q: What happened to Buster Skrine when he had to leave the game and then come back in, and then he wasn’t in the game on the second-to-last touchdown?
TB: He was a little sore. He banged up his elbow a little bit.

Q: Is that why he wasn’t in the game on the Danny Amendola touchdown?
TB: He was going in and out. He was a little sore so he was going back in and out.

Q: How frustrating of a loss is this for you?
TB: It’s frustrating because we lost. Nobody wants to lose – especially us. We’ve got to look at the film. We’ve got to get over it. It’s one game. We are 4-2. We’ve got to get ready for Oakland next week. We can’t hang our hat on it too much.

Q: Is your message going to be to the guys that there’s still a lot of season left and you’ve put yourselves in a good position. I know this is one because they’ve been stung here so often that would maybe have a temptation to stick with guys. How do you counteract that? Read
TB: It’s one game. We are going to move on and get ready for next week and get ready for Oakland. We should be upset with a loss. You show me a good loser, I’ll show you a loser, so we are going to stew over it for a night and get ready for Oakland.

Q: How do you think Eric Decker played?
TB: He made some good plays. I saw the catches, but I have to look at the film to make sure he did everything he was supposed to do.

Q: What did you see on the Brandon Marshall drop?
TB: It would have been a tough catch if he made it. He’s capable of making those catches, but he just didn’t come down with it.

Q: What led to the punting move yesterday because Ryan Quigley wasn’t on the injury report?
TB: He wasn’t injured. He showed up that day with his shin real swollen, he couldn’t move it and it was black and blue and we had to get a punter.

Q: Did it happen in practice?
TB: No. It didn’t happen in practice. It happened that morning – that Saturday morning and we didn’t know about it.

Q What was his explanation?
TB: There was no explanation

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