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It seems humble pie isn’t easy for Pats fans/media to swallow as a 20-year run comes to a seemingly screeching halt

It seems humble pie isn’t easy for Pats fans/media to swallow as a 20-year run comes to a seemingly screeching halt

By Kevin Flanagan

BSD Senior Staff Writer

Hell hath no fury like a Patriots fan/media member scorned.

There is no arguing that Bill Belichick’s team laid an egg big enough to make an omelet to feed the entire region of New England and then some on Sunday in their 27-24 loss to the lowly Miami Dolphins.  Squatting on the ball with three timeouts and just under two minutes on the clock with Tom Brady under center is something that should be considered a criminal offense (pun intended), even if the 42-year-old QB looked his age up to that point in the first half.

However, there is something deliciously ironic in the reaction of the most self-absorbed, arrogant fan/media base to what is the NFL’s version of death and taxes.

To paraphrase the obnoxious New York Yankees radio play by play man John Sterling, “Well Pats fans, in life – unfortunately – all good things come to an end.”

In his piece that ran on Monday afternoon on, Eric Wilbur went full-on Sully from Dorchester after a morning full of Bud Lights and a steak tip or two in the overpriced parking lots in at the stadium that Bill Parcells and Drew Bledsoe built, following the bit spitting that took place in Bob Kraft’s crown jewel on Route 1.

Wilbur wrote this on the website that calls John Henry “His Highness”.

Brady was awful. Yet we still have to sift through the rubble, wary of any leftover defensive ammunition that might blast into our consciousness. This is how we end up with postgame analysis that declares Brady “wasn’t great,” that he “could have been better,” that an injury is to blame, or some other combination of the justifications he’s received all season long.

He added – Does Tom Brady want to stick around for the party one more time? Or is he already past this whole playoff charade and ready to move on to whatever else is next?

Because he sure played like the latter on Sunday.

If that’s not butt-hurt, I’m not really sure I know what is.

After nine straight trips to the AFC Championship Game – nine freaking straight appearances in the Conference Championship Game – and playing in four of the last five Super Bowls that produced three Titles – four of the last five freaking Super Bowls – the most spoiled fanbase in the history of sports is pouting because the Greatest Of All Time – who is being protected by the NFL’s offensive line equivalent of a wet paper bag – couldn’t lead his team to victory with less than 30 seconds on the clock after his so-called “historic” defense couldn’t stop a journeyman quarterback and a team that was looking for a reason to quit before the opening kick.

No wonder why everyone hates you.

The fall that awaits Patriots fans – whether it be next year or the year after – will be as precipitous as any we have ever seen in professional sports.  The swagger that some have assumed as a birthright watching the greatest quarterback and greatest head coach the game has ever known for the last 20 years, will quickly be replaced by the sobering reality every other NFL city has had to deal with.

Mediocrity, at best.

For those who sat on the frozen bleacher seats in the old Schaefer Stadium, at least most have the proper perspective.  This historic run could never be foreseen and will likely never be seen again.

However, for those who are crying the loudest and have been spoiled the most these past two decades – not to mention will be the quickest to bounce off the bandwagon when Brady is gone for good – I find it hard to show any sympathy for the Foxboro equivalent of Pink Hats.

Welcome to the real world, buttercup.  There is and only ever will be one Belichick and Brady.  And whether you like it or not, their dominance of the gridiron is rapidly coming to an end.

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