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It is déjà vu all over again. If the Bruins are to be Stanley Cup Champions in 2013 they must win the last two games of the series.

Sound familiar?

After losing game 5 to the Blackhawks in Chicago, a game that saw the team’s heart and soul Patrice Bergeron leave the stadium in an ambulance with an undisclosed injury, the B’s find themselves in similar position as the 2011 Cup winning team.

Win out or go home.

There are 19 guys (18 if Bergeron is unable to suit up for game 6) in the Bruins dressing room that own Stanley Cup rings and know that the task before them is possible. A daunting task? Yes. A Herculean feat? No.

In this series for the ages both teams have now won 2 games in a row. Both have responded when faced with adversity and both have won in the other teams building. After losing game 3 in Boston, Chicago has stepped up and taken control of this series. It is time for the Bruins to respond.

If Bergeron is lost for the remainder of the series that could sound a death knell for the Bruins. One could easily make the argument that there is no player more valuable to his team throughout the NHL than Patrice Bergeron. He is the engine that drives the Bruins, a quiet leader who contributes greatly in every facet of their game.

Both teams have shown the character of a champion throughout this series. The hallmark of the Bruins the past several years has been its resiliency. That resiliency will be put to the test on Monday night in game 6.

You should expect nothing less than a street fight when these 2 teams take the ice for game 6 at the Garden. If this series is true to form I would fully expect that the Bruins will hold serve on their home ice and we will see a game 7 Wednesday night in Chicago.

The Stanley Cup will be on hand Monday night at the Garden. It already has a trip to Chicago booked regardless of the outcome of game 6. The question is whether it will make the journey soaked in champagne on the Blackhawk’s charter flight or will it be safely tucked away in its case awaiting the results of what would sure to be an epic game 7.

This series has been every bit of what we thought it would be before it started. Rarely can you say that about championship showdowns. One of these teams has a date with destiny. We will find out which one as early as Monday night.

Something tells me that the journey won’t end there. This series has been too good for that. It deserves a game 7.

If I were you I wouldn’t make any plans for Wednesday night.


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