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Gronkowski’s inane antics should lead to the Pats sending him packing

Gronkowski’s inane antics should lead to the Pats sending him packing

By Kevin Flanagan

BSD Senior Staff Writer

It is one thing to be a fun-loving class clown and it is another thing to be a deplorable dink.  During his ridiculous press conference held at Gillette Stadium prior to Monster Energy’s AMA Supercross event on Saturday, Rob Gronkowski officially entered the realm of Dinkdom.

Only steps away from the head coach’s office that he was showing up, Gronkowski was asked about his status for the upcoming 2018 Patriots season.  The once lovable goofball turned turd said, “My status is doing really great.  I’ve been riding dirtbikes. I’ve been training really hard. I can vroom-vroom really good. I can ride that bike like no other and my speed is up there.”

So much for the career in acting that has been one of the options bandied about for the best tight end in football and potential hall of famer.  His poor performance behind the microphone is only matched by Howie Long’s brief acting career in the 90’s, and that’s not good.

When asked if he would be attending future offseason workouts after being absent for the first round last week, Gronkowski said, “No, I’ve got dirt-biking skills to work on.”

And while the other petulant Patriot this offseason – quarterback Tom Brady – may have tried to dampen some of the turbulence between him and the team by having his agent Don Yee tell ESPN’s Adam Schefter on Monday that “Tom’s intentions have not changed,” and his client still plans on playing into his mid-40’s.  Gronkowski continues to play this grade school level of cat and mouse with the Pats and that could result in him having a different place of employment as soon as this week.

His sophomoric actions on Saturday led many to believe that he is pushing for the team to trade him, something CBS Sports Boston’s Mike Giardi thinks is accurate.

There is no doubt that Gronkowski used the stage provided to him on Saturday to stick it up Bill Belichick’s behind as far as possible.  Even the biggest Patriots sycophant has to realize that.  If what the whiney wackjob wants is a trade, he should come out and say it.  If what he wants is a raise because he thinks he is the only player in the NFL that has been subjected to tough coaching and is underpaid for his skill level, that’s why he has an agent.

However, to continue to act like the turd in the punchbowl just to bring attention to himself has grown way too old.

Gronkowski is a great athlete, perhaps the greatest tight end to play the game.  Yet, his antics are beginning to alienate even those who think he could be an Oscar-winning actor someday after he stops pooping rainbows in Foxboro as a football player.

Tom Brady has been teetering close to muddying his image as the most team-first guy to ever play football in the salary cap era by pushing his brand over the Pats the past couple of years.  Never before would he allow it made public and beef he may have had with Bill (Remember his so-called “weapons” he had at wide receiver in the 2006 season?), and yet he has lifted the curtain to an extent his offseason that to call him selfish, wouldn’t be a stretch.

And while Gronkowski has built up his own share of good will with the Patriots fan base, his reservoir of goodwill doesn’t run nearly as deep.  The Pats have never won a Super Bowl without Brady, they have won four without Gronkowski.

It’s time for the 28-year-old tight end to start acting like the man he is supposed to be and lay to rest the middle school drama club level of the antics he has continued to turn to this spring.  If I’m Bill Belichick and the Patriots and I don’t get some level of commitment before the draft begins this week from their resident dope, I deal him for draft picks and let Gronkowski have fun trying to make it to the first round of the playoffs elsewhere.

Maybe Cleveland, perhaps?

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