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Gronk to the Bucs shows it’s now “In Tompa Bay We Trust”

Gronk to the Bucs shows it’s now “In Tompa Bay We Trust”

By Kevin Flanagan

BSD Senior Staff Writer

If self-isolation and Tom Brady’s departure to “Tompa” Bay aren’t enough to bring Patriots fans to their knees, the word that Rob Gronkowski is coming out of retirement and has been traded to the Buccaneers might have just done the trick.

In less than a month the most arrogant fan base in perhaps the history of sports – other than New York Yankees fans, of course – have received a Bruce Lee worthy kick to the groin and the fans of the other 31 teams across the NFL are asking for another.

Talk about schadenfreude.  

“My raw number on the Patriots is less than eight [wins]. Outside of the secondary, which is one of the best in the league, the rest of their roster I think is one of the worst in the NFL,” said Jeff Davis of Caesars Sportsbook earlier this week.

Instead of going to the “color rush” uniform change for this season, Bill Belichick and Bob Kraft should have gone back to the Pat Patriot design.

Because let’s face it, the 2020 Pats are going to look more like the Hugh Millen/Tommy Hodson 1991 led squad that was just another in a long line of failures in Foxboro, than the ’01 Drew Bledsoe/Brady team that started what could have been an even more impressive dynasty if Bill Belichick the head coach/czar the franchise once known as the “Patsies” – a term their fans gave them – didn’t hire himself as the general manager 20 years ago.

And for those of the butt-hurt “In Bill We Trust” belligerent sycophants want to argue blindly against that, just look at the last half-decade or so of drafts and get back to me.

The funny thing is there are essentially two sets of Patriots fans. The ones who remember having to listen to home games on the radio – unless you among the few with season tickets – and the ones who thought that a football was covered with a sock before the skinny kid from Michigan usurped the QB who is responsible for the stadium that sits on Route 1 today.

For as staunch and verbose the bandwagon riders for the last 20 years may appear to be before next season starts – if it starts at all – they will disappear as quickly as they came.

When “Stid The Kid” stumbles behind an offensive line and with receivers that a 42-year-old Brady nearly brought to a first-round bye, the realization will quickly set in that their go-to phrase about the Hallowed Hoodie has always had an addendum.

“As long as TB12 is behind center.”

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