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Gronk says, “No, No, NO!”

Gronk says, “No, No, NO!”

FOXBOROUGH, MA – Gronk says, “No, No, NO!”

by Kristy Spinelli, BSD Correspondent

I love when it seems like everyone is focusing on Championship games this weekend and Gronk takes time out to blow up social media with his plea to not eat Tide detergent pods.  Really?!

“What the heck is going on people??” the Patriots star asks, referring to a new online challenge that involves teens putting Tide laundry-detergent pods in their mouths.

Rob Gronkowski took to twitter last night to let everyone know that “Tide PODS are for doing laundry.  Nothing else!”  He partnered with Tide for a public service announcement that now has gone viral.

There you have it: Do not eat Tide Pods because Gronk says so.  But seriously, don’t eat them…


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