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Gronk on dealing with all the injuries..Players have got to step in, other players have to take on bigger roles”

Gronk on dealing with all the injuries..Players have got to step in, other players have to take on bigger roles”

Gronk says he's up for a challenge this weekend

Gronk says he’s up for a challenge this weekend

Q: How much of a challenge is it this week with the holiday on top of it being a short week?
RG: Yeah, definitely another challenge brought upon us for this week. It’s a little bit shorter of a week but no excuses about that. You’ve just got to be on top of your game more this week. Just preparation, rest, focus, and the Denver Broncos – they’ve got a solid team. They’ve got a very good defense so we’ve got to be mentally and physically prepared when it comes this Sunday.

Q: How hard is it for the offense to be creative with all the injuries you’re dealing with?
RG: It’s definitely a challenge and whenever you see a challenge you’ve got to rise up. Players have got to step in, other players have to take on bigger roles and whatever the coaches plan, whatever they design – just as a player, just got to go out there and perform to my best ability and do it well.

Q: What does Aqib Talib bring to the table as a defender?
RG: He’s a great defender. He’s a great player. He plays the football game well. He’s physical, he’s fast and he can cover. It’s not just him. They have many other good players on defense, that’s what makes them such a solid defense – one of the best defenses out there in the league right now – so you’ve got to be prepared for anyone at any time.

Q: Is Mile High Stadium one of the tougher places to play?
RG: It’s definitely a tough place to play. You know their fans are going to be electric come Sunday night. It’s always just tough going on the road and playing in the NFL on the road, so definitely going to be a challenge going out there and playing at Mile High this week.

Q: What kind of challenge does the pressure they bring off the edge present to you as a blocker?
RG: It’s always challenging. Obviously in pass routes, I’m not always in there and working on that craft of pass blocking, just always got to be prepared for that. If the coach is asking me to do that I’ve got to step up. I’ve got to be able to pass block, bump my guy, whatever it is, to help out and give time to the quarterback and see other players make some plays on that.

Q: How much have you come to appreciate the term “mental toughness” since you’ve arrived here?
RG: I appreciate that term and respect that term to the max. Mental toughness is huge especially in the game of football and throughout life. Mental toughness is always crucial. You always take that into factor and always remember to always put the team first and do what you’ve got to do to get better as a player to go out there and help the team.

Q: How important is it to have a balanced offense this week?
RG: It’s always important to have a balanced offense. You don’t just want to be known as a pass team or known as a run team. You want to be able to do both. Every single week we know we practice hard and put a lot of emphasis on both the run game and the pass game.

Q: They seem to have a wide range of guys who can cover a tight end. Does that make this one of those weeks you have to study a bit more?
RG: Oh yeah, they’ve got plenty of guys that can cover, that can cover any type of player on their team. We’ve just got to like any other week study, and prepare for every guy, every situation, and be ready when it comes Sunday.


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