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Gabby Barrett Inspires Listeners with “Footprints on the Moon”

The American Idol Alum just dropped the music video for her 2020 release “Footsteps on the Moon” and it is exactly as inspirational as it sounds. Helping her fans see that they really can accomplish anything they want to in life, this gorgeous concept video centers around her goals and life as well. Having come from a large family and performing all her life, Gabby hit the big time when she finished in third place on American Idol – and she’s been doing nothing but huge things since. Alongside marrying fellow show alum Cade Foehner and starting a family, she’s been chart-topping like crazy and even collaborated with Charlie Puth on her breakout hit “I Hope”.

Me with Gabby and Cade during their American Idol Tour in 2018!

I got the pleasure of meeting Gabby and Cade on the American Idol Tour back in 2018, and I can honestly say they are lovely, talented people. But this newer song and video really hits hard. Although I haven’t listened to the rest of Goldmine yet, Gabby puts so much heart into her music so it’s definitely pretty high on my list. Let’s dive in to what makes “Footprints on the Moon” so special.

This song opens up with airy guitar chords cognizant of a country vibe that quickly give way to a more electrified beat layered up against Barrett’s beautiful powerhouse vocals. “The voices in the night, in your head / yeah they’ll beg you to quit / And they’ll tell you that it’s hard ‘cause it is / but you can do anything you want to / there’s footprints on the moon” are only some of the insightful lyrics in this song.

I love the addition of the shred-worthy guitar solo played by her husband Cade Foehner – it really amps up the track and makes it an instant ear-worm begging for radio play. He definitely showed off his skills on American Idol as well, so it’s great to see him still using his talents to support Gabby. Touching footage of them both with their baby daughter, Baylah, ends the video on a high note.

Gabby and Cade are both extremely humble, kind people, and they deserve all the success in the world – and I can’t wait to see what they do next. Meanwhile, I’m gonna be jamming to “Footsteps on the Moon” until further notice.

Listen to the track and watch the gorgeous concept video HERE.

There’s also a very touching diary-entry video of Gabby’s success story HERE.

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