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EDM…more than just a concert

EDM…more than just a concert

CASH CASH electrifies the Boston House of Blues

Gabby Damico Covers the Boston Music scene for BSD

Gabby Damico
Covers the Boston Music scene for BSD

By Gabby Damico
BSD Music Correspondent

The performers at the House of Blues continue to amaze me by transforming the venue’s atmosphere with ease. From country to rock to EDM, the never ending possibilities keep me coming back for more.

Cash Cash gave an outstanding performance that was introduced by the amazingly talented Tritonal.

Before the concert even started, I noted that I was surrounded by swarms of teens wearing little clothing seeing as they all anticipated how many people would create a hot room.

The audience all seemed to follow a certain understood dress code that I clearly missed. But, nonetheless I did my best to blend and the beauty of this crowd was that no one cared about what anyone was wearing, they were all just there to enjoy the show.

This was one of my first EDM (Electronic Dance Music) concerts and to my dismay, it was one of the most exciting performances I have been to in Boston!

I got to the venue early and waited in line like I usually do before big concerts. I soon realized that it did not matter where you stood in the venue because the electricity was spreading like wildfire all throughout the room.

I love how the music was continuous. It reflected the energy that the crowd was emitting. One song led into another and everyone was dancing, jumping, and fist pumping.

Tritonal opened with an intensifying set of bass filled music with a vibrant light show. At one point, cannons shot out confetti. I looked up and could not see anything but a shower of white paper.

It got the crowd going wild and everyone was cheering. The performers were very energetic and engaged with the audience by waving flags and handing out giant signs for people to hold up.

Next came Cash Cash, and they put on a performance bigger than I ever thought imaginable.

Like the opening act, the music corresponded with a really fun light show. It wasn’t too much, but just enough to keep you on your toes anticipating what was coming next. The music was great and I can thank Cash Cash for helping me grow into a more avid EDM listener.

I have added almost all of their songs to my Spotify and listen to them when I want to get pumped up!

Cash Cash at the Boston House of Blues

Cash Cash at the Boston House of Blues

Cash Cash, Tritonal, and all EDM performers are vastly underrated. This is not just a concert, but an overwhelming performance that takes talent and a lot of energy.

The House of Blues was a different feel that Friday night and it’s a show I won’t forget. I thoroughly enjoyed the music from all performers of the night and wish them luck in the remaining days of their tour!

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