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Devin McCourty interview

Devin McCourty interview


Q: On the interception, did you discuss something before the snap?
DM: I don’t remember what exactly I said before. I think we had a certain adjustment, and then they motioned and we had to change it. And then just reading the quarterback’s eyes … [I] kind of needed to have a make-up play. I should’ve probably scooped that fumble up on the strip-sack, so Bill [Belichick] let me know a couple plays [later]. So, I probably needed that.

Q: How important was getting reps for a guy like Jordan Richards? What have you seen from him?
DM: I thought he played well. He played with a lot of effort, made some plays running across the field and running plays down. So it’s always good when you’re young to get out there and get some live game reps. Like I said from the beginning when he first got here, he’s a guy who works extremely hard. He focuses really on everything going on in our safety room, and it was good to see him get opportunities and then take advantage of them.

Q: Do you feel like the team played a full 60 minutes today?
DM: I thought we did a decent job. Obviously, throughout the game we let up some plays [that], when we go back and watch that probably, we didn’t have to let up. And I’m sure we’ll hear about it from the coaching staff, but overall, to come out and get a win – large margin of victory and get a win – you always have to be happy about that.

Q: Did Coach Belichick talk about playing for 60 minutes at halftime? What little things did the team do well?
DM: All week we’ve been hearing about it – playing 60 minutes and finishing every play. And I thought in the second half, we came out with that sense of urgency with some key third-down stops on defense and then our offense moving the ball and then that last drive, keeping the ball for so long. I think defensively, obviously we want to play better. I guess it started with maybe three or four minutes left on the drive, they scored. I think to get off the field would’ve been a better execution of 60 minutes, but overall, I thought it was a decent job.

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