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Devin McCourty credits the defenses execution for shutting down the JETS

Devin McCourty credits the defenses execution for shutting down the JETS

What was better about what the defense was able to do today on third down against the Jets?

DM: Mainly execution. We had talked about it during the week. A lot of our third down comes down to individual matchup – just someone winning it whether it’s in the pass rush, whether it’s in coverage. [We’re] just trying to execute that and play better. Most of our breakdowns were a guy makes a good catch or we should be a little tighter or we just missed a sack and the quarterback gets out of the pocket. I thought we just did a better job of executing and finishing those plays.

Q: Can you talk about that interception you almost had?

DM: Yeah, I don’t even want to talk about it. That wasn’t the best play I’ve made but I think it was just all of us playing tighter in coverage, trying to make sure we didn’t give up easy throw, pitch and catches. Overall, I thought we did a good job of recognizing what they were trying to do when we were in man and then in zone playing alert and finishing plays.

Q: Football players train to play in any kind of conditions. Does this one go in your scrapbook? Is this something you’ll talk about years from now?

DM: Yeah it was cold. It was definitely cold and as much as I’d hate to admit it, practicing outside during the week definitely helped. We hated every part of being out there and practicing but I think everybody came out there today and was all, ‘This isn’t as bad as Thursday practice.’ Mentally I think that already gives you a nod when you go into the game like, ‘It is what it is.’ It was worse Thursday. We got through that. I think everyone, the weather, we understood the different things that it causes whether it was with the wind blowing and things like that but it didn’t affect us in a negative way.

Q: What does it cause?

DM: Just with ball direction. Deep balls when you’re with the wind, the offense is trying to take advantage of that with the quarter and when it shifts. You want to throw the ball downfield because you have the wind. Field goal position, things like that is what we talk about situationally but I think guys understood that and didn’t let it affect them mentally.

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