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Claude Julien..”we have to really get better with our game without the puck”

Claude Julien..”we have to really get better with our game without the puck”


Julien and his Bruins team do not have much room for further mistakes

Julien and his Bruins team do not have much room for further mistakes

On what the keys to playing a full 60-minute game are…
Well again I think a lot of it is…this stuff is due to the mistakes that we’re making, you know. I don’t think the guys have shown a real poor effort, we’ve been inconsistent with our game, you know, and sometimes when you don’t play well it doesn’t look like you’re, you know, working hard. I think it’s just we need to work better, we need to make smarter decisions. And when you give up five goals a game at home it’s certainly due to a lot of times you look at the mistakes that were made and that’s what you have to assess too. So I think we have to really get better with our game without the puck, which used to be our strength, you know. And there’s no doubt about that, but right now we’re giving up way too many goals. And as a group I think from, you know, a goaltender perspective to defensive and the responsibilities to our Ds and our forwards, I mean you know, the kind of mistakes that are being done are the ones that are costing us right now so. I think 60 minutes of better focus, you know, I say that often…this is the NHL and there’s parity in the NHL so I don’t think there’s any reason why we think we should walk all over certain teams. It’s always going to be a decent game. Whoever’s the better team as far as executing properly and you talk about puck management, we talk about mistakes. And, you know, when you say effort- sometimes an effort is like you have to back check a little harder to get there. And but certainly I don’t think our team has been lackadaisical it’s been more about, you know, the defensive miscues that have really cost us. We’re scoring at a good pace we’re just not defending really well right now.

On if he’ll miss Kevan Miller on the PK [penalty kill] and how he plans to make up for that loss…
You know I guess, Matt. Injuries are part of this game. So we move on with the people that we have and go with that. So I still feel we’ve got enough depth there to fill that roster and still be a team without saying like, you know, “he’s the reason why we’re not winning right now.” I think it’s a lot more than that. So unfortunately those are part of the things that we face as players and as teams and, you know, we’ll wait and see when he’s available again.

On who will be filling his spot tonight…
Yeah, yeah I mean Colin Miller is the other right defenseman right now. And you know, he’s certainly back from his injury and deserving to be back in the lineup.

On if he saw gains in Colin Miller’s performance before he was injured…
Absolutely, I mean this young player has been improving all the time, you know guys. His sitting out’s not due to, you know, not being happy winning a game against Detroit [Red Wings] 3-1 and your Ds are solid, you know should you punish somebody? It’s just the rotation of Ds right now and he’s very, like I said, he’s very deserving to be in there. So he’s going to come in there and I think the way he’s improved…he moves the puck and you know he’s a guy that’s to me willing to get into the dirty areas of the ice with no hesitation. So he’s certainly improving as a young player.

On if he thinks that Goalies are ahead of players in their skills and development…
Yeah I don’t know how to answer that question whether I understand it clearly, you know. But to me if it means them being harder to score on versus the skaters being able to score on them I think, you know, we’re – is that basically what you’re – Yeah ‘cause I still think, you know Fluto we’re still scoring at a decent pace I think in the NHL. And I think again, my take on it is that we keep going back to I guess the eighties where, you know, for a period of time there were like 6-5 games, 7-6, you know 5-4, it seemed like it was the norm back then and then when it started dropping we kind of criticized the game. Well I think back then I don’t think any coach was happy with the win but not necessarily with the amount of goals scored against them. Probably that’s where coaching back in those days started, you know, working on maybe a little bit more defense and the goals went down. But I still think, you know, I keep going back to the same thing; I elaborated on that last week. I still think there’s great excitement in our game as far as skating back and forth, you know, scoring chances are there. It’s not like, you know, you’re watching the game…I haven’t seen too many games where I say, “Wow! Nothing happened in that game; there weren’t any scoring chances there.” so I think that’s the main thing right now in our game. Goaltenders have improved, you know, getting bigger…Gump Worsely to six foot seven goaltenders we have in this league right now are a lot different. So the nets haven’t changed and people are talking about nets. I think the shots are better than they were back then, there’s no doubt about that- harder, better. So every part of the game has improved so far. So going back to your initial question I just think that…I don’t think the skaters are necessarily behind, I think there’s guys that have great shots and anybody that can score 50 goals a year in this league is a pretty good goal scorer. And that’s been the norm over past years. There hasn’t been too many years except again, those years in the eighties where guys were scoring 70.

On if the advances in technology has helped with teaching goaltending and defense…
Well it’s easier to use nowadays, for sure jack. Because you know when you were dealing with VHS you had to rewind and fast forward and when you brought a player in and you wanted to bring another one in had to fast forward to another number. It wasn’t as encouraging as it is to do now today. You just push one button you’ve got that player, push another button you’ve got the other player. So there’s no doubt that the game has evolved and it’s a lot easier to watch those clips and correct those kinds of situations. I mean I think the world is evolving and so is the game.

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