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Claude Julien tight-lipped regarding injuries to his team

Claude Julien tight-lipped regarding injuries to his team

Bruins vs Nashville tonight

Bruins vs Nashville tonight

Forgive Claude Julien if he wasn’t elated following a Western Canada road trip that saw his team come away with 4 of a possible 6 points on the trip.
He’s seen this act before and he’s not giving his team any excuses to take advantage of when the Bruins take on Nashville tonight at The Garden.

“So there are challenges when you’re on the road for about a week coming back home in that first game whether we repeat it or challenge ourselves all the time, whether it is tough to play that first home game,” reflected Julien at his late morning media press conference. Too many times already this season, Julien has watched his team put together a string of outstanding road efforts only to return home and lay an egg in front of The Garden faithful.

With this past road trip in the books, Boston has pulled itself into a better position on the standings. Currently they are 4th in the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference and with a game in Montreal this week, the Bruins have a chance to close the gap even further.

Julien added some words of caution this morning in hopes of letting his team know where they stood. “But we don’t have the luxury to just go out there and play we need to win these games”.

Do the Bruins heed Julien’s warning tonight ? I’m betting they do. Bet the farm on the B’s tonight to have a big win after a very good road trip !

Kevin Harriman 

Julien's team faces Nashville tonight

Julien’s team faces Nashville tonight

On if Adam McQuaid is good to go…
Don’t know yet. We have some decisions to make today on our group.
On the challenge coming back from a road trip…
Well obviously time difference plays a big role in those. And when you go out there and you play those 7:30 PM games, you know, you’re basically playing 10:30 PM games. So and then when you come back, I know I felt a little bit off there last night and this morning, but we just have to battle through those things. So there are challenges when you’re on the road for about a week coming back home in that first game whether we repeat it or challenge ourselves all the time, whether it is tough to play that first home game. But we don’t have the luxury to just go out there and play we need to win these games.

On if there’s any time table on David Pastrnak now…
No, not from my end.

On if today was David Pastrnak’s first day skating...
I’m not even sure, to be honest with you. I’m not even sure.

On how much of a challenge it’s been for him to decide on his four lines…
Well you’re going to have those situations, Joe, when you’ve got I guess a lot of new bodies but also some young guys coming into your lineup. We talk about being patient, we talk about an opportunity to get better. So you just manage those things. So it’s kind of like the same thing as me mixing my lines up since the beginning of the year, you know. People got used to seeing me coach a certain way because I had the players in place to coach that way- doesn’t mean I’ve always coached that way. I’ve been in different places before I came here so there’s nothing different in my mind as far as how tough it’s been. I think there’s times where I’ve had to cut our bench down because I feel that we haven’t had enough players going and that’s a coach, again, just doing his job. And when you can have four lines doing what they did last game, it makes it a lot better and a lot easier no doubt.

On if there’s an injury situation with Dennis Seidenberg and Colin Miller…
Yeah. One of them was minor.

On what he wants to see from Jimmy Hayes…
Well I’m just going to leave it at I just make decisions and put the guys in that I feel are the guys that are giving us the best fit. So dealing with Jimmy [Hayes], I’ll deal with it internally.

On having three defensemen with body issues…
There’s just decisions that have to be made. There’s some guys that are banged up and, you know, that can or can’t play, so those are the decisions that I have to make guys. It’s just…those are just decisions that every coach has to make with his team. So I can’t come out here and say this guy’s got this, this and this. Some guys may be playing some guys may be not.

On how he felt about Joe Morrow jumping into the game as a young defenseman…
It is a difficult thing to do and I think he deserves a lot of credit for playing the way he did. I think it was almost a month that he hadn’t played. We needed him. He came up and he was ready. And I think, you know, the extra work that he does after practice and how focused he has to be for those is great. But you know, I think in Joe’s [Morrow] case he has that personality that, you know, doesn’t get too uptight and just goes out there and plays. And it’s an asset in a way and sometimes it can be a detriment too, you know. So in that case I think it was nice to see him go out there and play as well as he did because I think he was solid.

On his thoughts on Brandon Ferraro…
I think again he’s given us that flexibility- a guy that can play center. I know he hasn’t played a few years, but can play the wing, and we can move up at times. He’s a smart player. I mean he’s a…he’s not coming here telling us he’s going to be one of our leading scorers but he’s going to come in here and do the job that he feels he’s very capable of doing and that’s being a reliable player. And still, you know, when you look at him I think he’s averaging a point a game almost since he’s been with us so I think he’s off to a good start.

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