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Bruins sign Paille and Bourque

Peter Chiarelli Opening statement… Obviously we would like to announce the signing of Dan [Paille] to a three-year contract. The contract is worth 1.3 million dollars in each year. Since we acquired Dan in a trade I really feel our penalty killing and our team speed has improved, and Dan played a large part in helping those areas. He’s a terrific penalty killer. He’s a smart player when he kills penalties. He’s a tremendous skater and he uses that to be a real good penalty kill specialist. But having said that, he also can play up the lineup. I think we haven’t seen that yet. In my mind he’s still a young player, and I think he’s still learning things. We’ve seen some players learn in their later 20s, and I believe Dan is that type of player. So he’ll be with us at the next three years, at the very least. He’s 28-years-old, and I still feel he’s a young player and he’s been part of that group that won a Stanley Cup and I’m excited to have him back.

Daniel Paille Opening statement… I mean obviously I want to start off by saying thank you to Peter [Chiarelli], and the Jacobs family, and the Bruins organization for giving me the opportunity to play at least three more seasons with the Bruins. You know, I felt that I’ve learned a lot in the last three seasons prior. And you know, I think what Peter and the coaching staff allow me to do is grow as a player and show a lot of positive things for myself as a player to improve on, so I can play not just for myself and the team but for them as well. They make it a lot easier for us as players to work hard for them every night.

On the B’s habit of acquiring players with a lot of upside, and on Paille’s abilities taking him beyond his current role… Peter Chiarelli – Well I think at the very least – at the very very least – we’re going to get what we’ve been getting and I’d be very happy with that. I talked about those areas of his game. But I think he can play up the lineup, and he knows this organization he knows the coaching staff well enough to know what needs to be done, but he’s got the speed and he’s got the other elements of his game that would allow him to play up the lineup. And to know that he can do that on an intermittent basis is great, but I think I’ve seen guys improve and hit a certain point in their game later in their career. And to me if you’re 28, really you’ve still got a lot of good years left. If it happens it’s great and I think Dan wants to make it happen, but if at the very least he’s doing what he’s doing I’d be very excited with that also.

On Chris Bourque’s ability to help the Bruins prospects in Providence get the playoff experience that they missed this past season… Peter Chiarelli –  I think that wasn’t the real intention of getting Chris. I told him today that I think he’s got a good chance of making our team. I told him basically that he’s just not there to go to Providence. Now, if he does go to Providence that would be great. But I think the fact that we gave him a one-way deal and the second year of that deal speaks to how we feel about Chris. So, he’s got a couple of areas to work on. I talked to him today about it and he’s very keen and I’m happy to have him in the organization. Obviously, his dad was huge for our organization, but Chris has got his real positive traits and parts of his game that we’ll all be happy to see in a Bruins uniform.

 On what improvements to his game Paille looks to make during the term of new current contract… Daniel Paille  For me, you know, I think it’s definitely coupled with what Peter said for me, and as a player we tend to want to improve every year and I mean that’s my goal. For me there’s certain aspects of my game that I need to work on, and you know I plan on doing that. But the big picture, obviously, I feel that I have a big role here, but I definitely want to try to make a bigger role. Whether it’s playing on the same line where I am now, or moving up, either way I’m happy. But I definitely feel that I have a lot more to give and I feel like I’m coming into my prime, and I think that’s a big confidence booster for me going into the future.

On the whether there’s any progress with the other Bruins free agents… Peter Chiarelli Again, I don’t comment on negotiations, but as I’ve said before we’re trying to sign the bulk of them and will continue to do that. But I’m not going to comment specifically.

On how the Bruins approach negotiations given the uncertainty of the expiring CBAPeter Chiarelli  Well, you have to have an element of caution to your moves, just because there is uncertainty after this deal expires. What the cap will be for this summer really doesn’t play a whole heck of a lot into how we make our decisions. You pretty much can read the tea leaves as to what the cap would have been, so it’s no surprise where it’s at. So proceeding with caution, and having said that, if something falls into our lap and we have to get to a point where we’re past that [garbled] point then we’ll look at it. But we are generally proceeding with caution.

On Niklas Svedberg and Adam Morrison and where they fit in next season… Peter Chiarelli Svedberg is a goalie who is 23. He played for Brynas [IF Gavle of the Swedish Elite League] and they won the championship. He’s a real good prospect. If Tim isn’t in the mix you’ve got three gold goalies down there between [Michael] Hutchinson, Svedberg, and Morrison that are going to be battling. Svedberg – I was pretty happy to sign him, as I was with Adam Morrison. But Svedberg’s a little bit older and accomplished a little bit more. They’re all big bodies, which is nice to have in a goaltending pipeline. That’s kind of what your depth chart would look like going into next year.

On whether Svedberg is coming over and will be at development camp… Peter Chiarelli Oh yeah. He’s definitely coming over, and the plan is for him to be at development camp.

On whether the Thomas situation is coincidental with his trade clause expiring July 1st… Daniel Paille I’m not quite sure what Timmy’s plans are, but I mean to my knowledge, I think he’s thinking about his family and I think that’s more important for him to think about than I’d say the political aspect of it. For me, I think he cared deeply about his family and that’s what he’s focusing more I think above everything else.

Peter Chiarelli  I don’t think so. I remember one of the things that he told me after the year before when we met, that he was really tired. We exit meetings after we won the Cup and he was really tired, and that was another thing he had said to me after this exit meetings, that he definitely was worn down a bit. I just think with all the stuff that’s gone on in the last couple years with playing and all the other appearances and kind of the fame that goes with winning, I think he’s a little worn down. So, I don’t think that would be the case then that it’s coincidental with the deadline, because he says he still wants to play after that, he wants to be in the Olympics.

On whether Chiarelli has made decisions on any of the Bruins free agents, in terms of not pursuing them… Peter Chiarelli –  Yes. Joe Corvo. Besides that, with kind of the three guys we acquired at the deadline, I’ve said, ‘Let’s go into the free agency and see where it goes.’ Really, there hasn’t been any commitment or anything, but I haven’t dismissed it I guess is my point.

Peter Chiarelli On whether Corvo is the only player dismissed by the B’s thus far… Yes.

On Chiarelli’s thinking regarding not re-signing Corvo… Peter Chiarelli  That we’ve got some young players coming and there may be another player that we feel could fill that spot better. A number of different things.


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