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Chandler Jones, Defensive End
(On whether part of tonight’s game plan was Rob Ninkovich being a spy on Andrew Luck)
“Rob Ninkovich does a good job. He’s very versatile; he can play a lot of positions. Like I said, you just see a little bit of his talent tonight.”

(On whether the team sees its Super Bowl XLIX matchup vs. Seattle as a rematch from the 2012 regular season loss)
“We played them two years ago. I don’t see it as a rematch. Like I said, they have different guys on the team; we have different guys on the team. We’ll see them in February.”

patriots logo(On whether he talked to his brother Arthur Jones after the game)
“I did. I spoke to him after the game and I told him I would see him.”

(On whether Arthur Jones congratulated him after the game)
“Yeah, he did. Of course. The same as I did for him my rookie year [after the 2013 AFC Championship Game].”

(On how long Bill Belichick will let him enjoy the moment before moving on)
“I don’t know. That’s a good question. That’s a really good question. I haven’t seen Bill around here anywhere, but you can hear the music blasting and everyone jumping around, so we’re pretty excited. We will enjoy tonight and get ready for the Super Bowl.”

(On whether that was a fun game to play in)
“It was really fun. The rain and the big plays and all the trick plays. When [Nate] Solder had that touchdown; that was huge. I was yelling for joy. It was a great game and everyone executed and we came out and got the win.”

(On whether he has ever seen Solder with that kind of emotion after his touchdown)
“No, I didn’t. He was actually moving pretty fast. I didn’t see it live, well, I did see it live, but I was looking up at the and I saw him dive into the end zone. Once he crossed the plane it was just great.”

(On the defensive effort)
“Great job by our defense, and I want to highlight that Darrelle Revis had a great play, Jamie Collins had a big play. Everybody played together and it showed on the field. It’s just a brotherhood, and hopefully we can keep that momentum going forward.”

(On takeaways sparking the offense)
“When big plays happen like that, it definitely ignites the offense, ignites the special teams, and as you guys can see, big plays start happening back to back because it’s a chain reaction.”

(On how special it is to reach the Super Bowl considering his injury earlier this season)
“For sure, it feels good. I try not to look back on injuries but there was a time I was just sitting and watching my team play. To have the opportunity to play in the AFC Championship Game and contribute to help my team reach the world championship, it’s great. It’s a great feeling.”

(On how fun the game was today)
“It was fun; it was very fun. I just spoke to [another reporter] about the defense and offense igniting each other as well as the special teams. One play happens – Jamie Collins makes a pick, Darrelle Revis makes a pick – and everyone just feeds off each other.”

(On how satisfying it is to see the body of work the defense has put together)
“Never satisfied, never satisfied. Like I said, we have another game to play. There are some plays we left out on the field that hopefully we can make those in Arizona.”

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