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The Boston Celtics need to feel the Love this Offseason.

​The NBA finals match up has not even been set yet, but rumors of the NBA’s offseason have already begun. From all indications this offseason for the NBA is going to be a very wild one, and the Boston Celtics could find themselves right in the middle of all the madness.

The Minnesota Timberwolves have stolen the headlines from the Eastern Conference and Western Conference Finals match ups when they announced that they would be open to parting with their 25 year old franchise player, Kevin Love. Love is entering the final year of his contract with the T-Wolves, and the team may be looking to deal their superstar to help build up the future of the franchise and help restore a winning way in Minnesota.

​The NBA is a league known for its superstars. The Association has superstars like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard and Carmelo Anthony that have helped stretch their brand around the world. But where in the world does Kevin Love fit in?

Well its simple, Kevin Love is the most underrated and underappreciated superstar on the planet. Love has had 6 great seasons in the NBA, and he has been a 20-10 guy for half of them. Love brings a different element to the game. He is not flashy like LeBron and he is not elusive like Kobe Bryant or Carmelo.

What makes Love so special is his overall quality. Kevin Love is the real deal and he may be one of the quietest superstars in NBA history.  Love can shoot the long ball, rebound on both ends of the floor, post up on defenders, knock down mid-range jumpers, and can even distribute the ball on the offensive end and on the outlet. Love simply goes to work each game, and gets the job done. He also hasn’t followed the trend of most of his fellow superstars by trying to complain his way out of town. He knows that he is not part of the plans in Minnesota, so he is keeping quiet and letting the team work on moving him.

Behind closed doors he must be talking but he is not posting details to twitter or having an ESPN special about his “decision” being produced. Love simply wants to go to a winning franchise and the Boston Celtics will be a winning franchise with Love on their roster.

​The ping pong balls did not exactly fall the way the Celtics wanted during the draft lottery. The Celtics ended up with the 6th overall pick in the upcoming NBA Draft, a good pick but not nearly as high as they wanted. The Celtics will not have the opportunity to draft Embid, Parker, or Wiggins, but who is to say they even wanted any of those players? Danny Ainge said that this year’s draft class was “overrated” and “not that good.”

The Celtics would have loved to have a top three pick, but maybe only for the reason to trade it. Getting Kevin Love is going to take a lot of work but the Celtics have the most to offer Minnesota. A top 3 pick would have made the deal nicer for Minnesota, but having the 6th pick is still very enticing. Minnesota is firmly in control during these times of negotiation. They have the superstar that the Celtics need. Minnesota is going to want the 6th pick this year, most likely 3 of Brooklyn’s picks that the Celtics have and some current players to help fill out their roster. If I’m Danny Ainge, I give them what they want as long as Jared Sullinger is not involved. Kevin Love is worth trading Jared but if they can avoid it, that would be great because he has the potential to be a superstar and perennial All Star in the NBA. Having the 6th picks means the Celtics are going to have to give up more, and that may mean sending Rondo or Jeff Green to the Timberwolves. If they want to take on those contracts then fine, but most likely the Celtics will have to pay those players this season.

The Celtics will most likely need to include players like Brandon Bass, Kelly Olynyk, Phil Pressey, Avery Bradley, and Vitor Faverani with their abundance of draft picks to get Kevin Love in a green Celtics jersey, but it will be worth it.

Give them what they want Danny, period. Kevin Love is the perfect guy to play here. He is looking to bring his blue collar game to a winning franchise, and the Celtics are the perfect match since they pride themselves on a hardworking, team based brand of basketball. Celtics fans are going to fall in “Love” with Kevin once he laces up some green and white sneakers.

Danny Ainge needs to go all in this offseason, and if he can get Kevin Love to play on the parquet floor he may go down as one of the best President of Basketball Operations in Boston Celtics history.

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