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P!nk Duets with Daughter Willow for “Cover Me In Sunshine”

Anyone with taste would agree that P!nk (aka, Alecia Beth Moore) is easily one of the most influential rock singers of this millennium - and that her talent has obviously been passed on to her daughter as well. Bringing brightness and joy to everyone's dreary winter days, this duet is one that you can't help but smile when listening to.

Sky Age Revolutionizes What It Means to Be in a Band

Like everything else in the age of technology, I've noticed a distinct change lately in how music is consumed and produced. A prime example of this is sky.age - an internet band forging a new path by breaking the barriers of what a band is expected to be. The biggest reason for this unique quality is that the members of sky.age haven't collaborated...

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Hayley Williams Immortalizes Memory and Growth in Flowers For Vases

As everyone seems to be on edge after a tumultuous year (and another uncertain one ahead), the queen of alternative pop delivers another wistful gem full of honest hope. Flowers for Vases is her second full-length album, the sequel to Petals for Armor released one day short of a year since the first one.

Both albums have taken a...

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