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Calm and cool Cora’s connection with the Sox has been record setting so far

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Senior Staff Writer Halfway through the first full month of the season, the Red Sox are high atop the American League East, posting a 13-2 record while beating up on largely the lesser lights in what has become a greatly diminished division over the past several years.  After having his bullpen impode in the eighth inning in what looked to be an Opening...
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As Opening Day approaches, Red Sox Hall of Famer Rico Petrocelli shares his thoughts on his former club

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Senior Staff Writer Almost all Red Sox fans – regardless of their age – know Rico Petrocelli as the slick fielding, power hitting shortstop of the 1967 Dream Team that revived baseball in Boston.  Others may know him as the slugging third baseman who helped take the heavily favored Cincinnati Reds – aka, the Big Red Machine – to seven games in...
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Martinez might have bitten off more than he can chew coming to Boston

By Kevin Flanagan  BSD Senior Staff Writer  In a spot that appeared on Tuesday written by the USA Today’s Bob Nightengale on the paper's website, the veteran scribe describes the influence that the Red Sox David Price had on convincing J.D. Martinez to come to Boston as a free agent. The two were teammates for parts of two years in Detroit with the Tigers, and Martinez...
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Could it be that all Dombrowski did this winter was bring back a broken clubhouse for Cora to contend with this season?

By Kevin Flanagan   BSD Senior Staff Writer  As it was it turns out, the baseball fans of Boston weren’t the only ones who found the 2017 Red Sox to be largely unlikable; members of their own clubhouse also thought the same thing. "We had a lot of stuff going on last year, to be honest. We all live and learn. We can't just sit back and keep...
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