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Bowing to Boras for Martinez may be a big mistake for the Red Sox

By Kevin Flanagan  BSD Senior Staff Writer  We have reached the second week of January and the silence coming from the Red Sox offices on Yawkey Way continues to be deafening. While many believe that team president of baseball operations, Dave Dombrowski will ultimately get a deal done with free agent slugger J.D. Martinez, there are no indications that his agent Scott Boras is interested in agreeing...
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Have Dombrowski’s past expenditures left the Red Sox spent?

By Kevin Flanagan  BSD Senior Staff Writer If you like white toast and black coffee for breakfast, you will almost certainly love the 2018 Boston Red Sox. However, if your taste for baseball incorporates a bit of a more wide-ranging palate, you will be as bored by this bland bunch when Opening Day arrives on March 29th in Tampa against the Rays, as you were with last...
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Forget Stanton, Dombrowski’s focus on Hosmer and Martinez is the right move for the Red Sox

By Kevin Flanagan  BSD Senior Staff Writer  Red Sox president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski left for Major League Baseball’s Winter Meetings last weekend with a huge hole in the middle of his line up, he was hoping to fill. However, he departed Orlando without improving his ball club, and seemingly stood along the sidelines as the New York Yankees swept in and captured the biggest available...
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Attempting to cast Cora in a poor light could just backfire on Drellich

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Senior Staff Writer Welcome back to Boston, Alex Cora. In the early hours of Monday morning, a story about a confrontation that new Red Sox manager Alex Cora had with a color commentator for the Houston Astros on a team bus in August written by NBC Sports Boston’s Evan Drellich was posted on the network’s website. As everyone knows by now, it was...
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