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Ramirez vows to come back stronger, but the Sox would be better off without him next season

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Senior Staff Writer Hanley Ramirez took to Twitter on Tuesday to tell the world, he was undergoing surgery on his left shoulder, now that the Red Sox season ended a little over a week ago. The self-centered supposed slugger asked his “people” to keep him in their prayers, and vowed to come back stronger in 2018. Do us all a favor Hanley,...
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Firing Farrell is fine, but the Red Sox need a culture change in the clubhouse as well

By Kevin Flanagan BSD Senior Staff Writer You didn’t need to have the insight of Captain Obvious to see the firing of John Farrell coming. Often rumored over the past several years as being on the chopping block, the axe at last fell Wednesday morning when president of baseball operations Dave Dombrowski, told Manager John his services were no longer needed on Yawkey Way. Farrell defenders...
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The Sox may have lost the series with the Astros, but Pedroia lost more than that this season

By Kevin Flanagan  BSD Senior Staff Writer  The Red Sox game four loss to Houston that closed out the ALDS three games to one in favor of the Astros by the score of 5-4, was in many ways a microcosm of the 2017 season. Playing in front of a seemingly half-filled Fenway Park early in the game, starter Rick Porcello gave up the prerequisite first inning run...
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Seemingly sunk Sox screaming for change

By Kevin Flanagan  BSD Senior Staff Writer  For the second straight postseason, the Red Sox are screwed; and they have no one to blame for it, but themselves. While they captured two division titles back to back for the first time in their history since baseball went to the format in 1969, this current team is crumbling in Major League Baseball’s second season, just as they did...
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