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Brady tosses Globe photographer out on his ass !

Brady tosses Globe photographer out on his ass !

A Boston Globe photographer was banned from a Best Buddies Challenge benefit flag football game Friday night at Harvard Stadium after the newspaper previously reported the nonprofit organization had contributed $3 million to Tom Brady’s charitable trust.

According to the Boston Globe’s Mark Shanahan, “a Globe photographer showed up at Harvard Stadium and was told he was not allowed into the event. He was then ordered to “leave immediately” and a security officer was summoned and the photographer was escorted to his car.”
The initial report from the Boston Globe’s Bob Hohler explained that the money from Best Buddies was used “almost entirely on causes tied to Brady’s personal interests, including his high school alma mater, his children’s private schools, and charities operated by his football friends. Aiding those with disabilities, the focus of Best Buddies, has been a lower priority.”
Hohler noted that while those arrangements weren’t illegal, independent charity monitors “questioned why someone of Brady’s wealth has taken large sums for his foundation from another charity that has its own priorities and needs.”

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