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Brady talks Colts and extra motivation

Brady talks Colts and extra motivation


Brady's TD Pass streak ends at 52Q: Is there any extra motivation this week?
TB: I’m always pretty motivated. It’ll be an exciting game. I know they’ve got a good team. They’ve won three straight. They made some changes this offseason, so they’re a very confident team. So it’s going to take a great effort to beat them, so we’ll work hard at practice today, over the next few days, hopefully get us prepared, and then go out and try to beat a good team on the road on Sunday night.

Q: Are there some games where it’s harder to maintain focus than other games?
TB: Well, I try certainly, to be a professional with how I approach every week. I said yesterday, you know, you really put a lot into it every week no matter who you’re playing because all these games are important. All of them are hard to win. All of them have good players. They’re all pros. They’ve got pro coaches, and they’ve got good schemes. So you really put a lot into every week, and if you don’t, then you don’t have much opportunity to win. So I think you just try to approach each week as a professional. You give it your all. You do the best you can do, and hopefully it leads to positive outcomes when it matters, which is on game day.

Q: How could there not be extra incentive to beat this particular team?
TB: Well, like I said, I’m always pretty motivated regardless of the opponent, regardless of the team or the week, whether it’s a preseason game, whether it’s a regular season game. They’re all important because there are so few of those where you get an opportunity in your life, so I don’t take it for granted. I think it’s exciting to go out there and do something that I love to do, to go out there and do it with teammates who I love to play with. We all put a lot of effort in, the coaches, players, so it’s another opportunity for us to go out there and see if we can be a good football team.


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